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December 11, 2017


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Well, here we are in Singapore,  first part of our holiday. No photos yet. Flight was fine, no issues going through customs.

Great taxi driver and the hotel we are staying at is awesome! We evenget a free mobile with internet access to use while in Singapore. 

Everyone is asleep, so time for me to join them. Cant post on facebook for some reason, thus the wordpress update. 

September 2, 2013

The Year of Death

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At least that is what it feels like right at this minute after the sad news from a friend, who today lost her 4 year old son to lymphoma. It is hard to lose a loved one, but to lose a child, especially a child who only had a short chance to experience life, must be an excruiating feeling that I hope I never have to deal with.

Farewell Alex. We never had the chance to meet, but I knew as much about you as your parents were willing to share. It makes me wish I had made more of an effort to see you either in Sydney or the last time you were up this way.

Agnes’ and my heart and thoughts are with Monique, Sam and Ella at this time.





May 30, 2013

Linnaeushof – the largest playground in Europe

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After taking the kids to the Efterling, one of the other things Agnes wanted to do with the kids is take them to this place called the Lineaushof as it is a huge outdoor playground. So April 28th we loaded the kids up in our car and Wim took Robert and Timo in his car. Jola was still not feeling well so had a day at home in the peace and quiet without the kids.


May 20, 2013

Back home and illness

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Howdy all,

I realise that I dropped the ball there at the end of the holidays – time just went quickly and didn’t seem to have the time to update what we had been up to, bar on Facebook. Still intend to update about the biggest playground in Europe and how it won (wore the kids down), the kids’ Dutch birthday party, a day on the beach and the flight back home. Agnes is also meant to talk about the trip to the Amsterdam Zoo (Artis) that I couldn’t go.

Been back in Oz just over a week now, settling in ok and already we have been sick. Agnes picked up some virus and then proceeded to infect all of us. Only Emma was exempt from the illness. Saturday night (coincidently Lucas’ birthday) was not a pleasant night with two kids and an adult throwing up and other things (don’t ask). I am still crook (no work for me today) and hope I am well soon.

In other news I started going back to the gym. Agnes got me a gym membership for my birthday. I had my initial session with a trainer and am meant to be going back next Wednesday night for the second session. My running is improving as well, so happy with that. If all goes well with the diet and exercise – you should be seeing a new and improved Duane running around after the kids ;p.

That’s it for now – just a quick update. Ciao for now.

April 28, 2013

Time flies

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I can’t believe it has been 4 weeks already since my birthday. We have had a very good holiday to date and soon it will have to end.

Haven’t done much this week – most of us had a minor cold at the start of the week, Jola is still sick with it. I have had gastro most of the week, unsure whether to blame it on my diet or on something I ate. Because of the gastro I was unable to go with everyone to Artis (the Amsterdam zoo) during the week. So Agnes will have to post about that. All I heard from the kids was that Lucas liked the snakes, Caitlin liked the butterflies (and had the chance to hold a butterfly), and Emma liked everything.

Today we are going to Lineaushof – the largest outdoor playground in all of Europe – linkie.

Ciao for now.

April 25, 2013

Elf Fantasy Fair at Kasteel de Haar

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Every year Kasteel de Haar is host to the Elf Fantasy Fair. Wim and Jola have been every year for the last few years and this year they wanted to take us to show us what it is all about. The kids had fun shooting bows and arrows, while I found a replacement for my lost pendant.


April 24, 2013

A day at the Efterling

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Taking the kids to the Efterling had always been something we have wanted to do. We had the chance on Thursday to fulfil this dream. Funnily enough we didn’t see everything by closing time.

UPDATED – added new pictures, corrected spelling errors and added new content. Been a hectic few days and has been difficult to remember things that happened a number of days ago.


Holiday in Center Parcs

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This will be the full update of our mini holiday away at the Center Parcs Kempervennen. It includes photos! There were a couple of other headings I could have used for this post:

  • Holiday within a holiday
  • Spring in 3 days

The above also sprang to mind because of what happened during our stay away. Read on for more.

UPDATED with new pics taken with the proper camera.


April 17, 2013

Short Centerparcs update

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Howdy all,

Just a quickie to say that we are still here and all is fine – internet access at Centreparcs is paid, plus we have been having too much fun to have time to update regularly. It is currently just before 7am on Wednesday and everyone is still asleep, so thought I would take a few minutes to catch you up with things.


April 10, 2013

Zaanse Schans visit

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We didn’t do a lot over the weekend, in fact I realised yesterday that I didn’t leave the house between Friday and Monday. Too busy being sick to do much. Agnes took the kids to a children’s farm on Friday. So going to the Zaans Schans today was a nice change.


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