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January 31, 2008

Excel time savers

I noticed that at the moment my tips and tricks have focussed on Outlook and Word, so I thought I would give a few tips in regard to Excel that you may or may not find useful. These will mainly relate to calculations, but there will be a few other things as well.

I decided to do this as well as I taught a friend on the weekend a few things about the new version of Excel (Excel 2007) and I want to make sure she has a place to refer back to if she doesn’t use everything I taught her immediately. And then at work today, some of the spreadsheets were having problems so I had to see what was going wrong with them and I showed a few tricks that I regularly use and the user did not about them either.


January 30, 2008


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I don’t know what it is today, but today is the day of annoyances. First there was the traffic, even though it was expected being the first Tuesday after school goes back (and yes I know today is actually Wednesday, but with the public holiday on Monday, it makes it a Tuesday in regard to traffic, and traffic is always worse on Tuesdays). Then there was the trying to write new material for the Transition manual and I kept getting interrupted by other things, plus I wasn’t fully in the mindset for it. Lastly we had a weird power outage at work after lunch, which meant we had no server, email, internet or anything. And the weird thing about the outage is that only some of the power at work was affected – some things works, some didn’t. And other places in the street experienced the same effect. Yet the place next to us on the corner, and businesses around the corner were not affected, so very localised.

In all an annoying day and I have this clutch in my chest (no nothing physically like an onset of heart attack or that), just emotionally I have a clot that doesn’t want to release just yet and I am not sure what will make it release either. Just hope I get it off my chest in the next day or so coz I don’t like it when I am like this and I would like to enjoy my weekend.

At least it has been raining the last day or two to help perk up the plants, I was nearly feeling like I would have to bucket water some of the plants we had no more rain water left.

January 29, 2008

Common Office Keyboard Shortcuts

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It constantly amazes me that people who seem to know how to touch type, do not know common keyboard shortcuts in the programs they use to make their life easier. While I won’t give you all of them (I don’t know all of them myself) I will give you some of the common ones in this post that are usable anywhere in Office programs.

Functions Keys

  • F1 – Help
  • F2 – Rename/edit 
  • F5 – Refresh (IE)
  • F7 – Spellcheck
  • F9 – Refresh (Office programs, Send/Receive for Outlook)
  • F12 – Save As
  • Alt F4 – Exit Program

And F12 as Save As is probably the biggest one I think people should know.


January 27, 2008


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I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I like to read. For those who have known me for quite awhile, they will know this is an understatement. When I was young (around the age of 11 or so) I made the conscious choice of reading over toys. Since we have moved into our new home I have taken to re-reading books from my library. Why? Coz I can’t find anything new that I would like to read. Nowadays I stick to one genre of reading – fantasy. When I was younger I used to read sci-fi, drama, war, general, as well as fantasy, but nowadays I enjoy my fantasy books. An there are a lot more fantasy authors nowadays than when I was younger, which makes it difficult to find a good read. If you have never heard or read an author before, how can you trust their writings?


January 26, 2008

A triple backflip with a twist …. and a new car!

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I sometimes find that althought being productive is good and you feel like you have achieved something, it doesn’t always give you time to update the blog that you created to keep people up to date with things. Well its now mid to late Sat evening and this is the first chance I have had since my last update. At the beginning of the week I found my work week slow, but it steadily increased in busyness (didn’t like the spelling of the original word I used) and my afternoons have been puttering around the house. Plus reading as I wanted to have time to sit and read for fun. How does all of this relate to the weird subject of backflips? Read on and you shall discover.


January 22, 2008

The updating continues (or boy have I been busy)

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Just a brief post to mention that I have finally updated the personal website that my wife and I use, which can (now) be found under the links to the left. I was positive that I had made this available earlier, but when I looked it wasn’t there! Had to add it just now so you knew what I was talking about.

What can be found on the site? Our Round the World holiday from 2006 with diaries and photos; my RPG pages; and placeholders for pages for the house and family. I will normally mention here if major changes have been made to the site, or you can check it yourself every now and then.

Now back to work I go!

January 21, 2008

Simple Microsoft Word changes to make life easier

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There are a number of things that can tick people off when they work in Microsoft Word – trying to draw a line and you get this huge square appearing, opening a Word document from Outlook and it comes up as a side by side page, etc, etc. I would like to show you how you can easily change these options once and make life in Word so much easier.


January 17, 2008

Sometimes life is good

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Some days I really love my job. And yes today was one of them. It was the first workshop comducted this year, so off to a flying start. I love my job when I get to help people, and that is what training is all about – helping people learn new things they are not aware of. I don’t like it when software works in mysterious ways that it never has before, and it worked fine 3 weeks beforehand when I did exactly the same thing. Ah well … it happens.

This evening we went out to dinner with a friend to celebrate her 3rd anniversary at her current job – any excuse will do right?

January 16, 2008

Recent readings

I have been doing some reading amongst all the other stuff going on at the moment and I wanted to draw attention to some of the reading that I have been doing, as it is outside the realms of my normal genre of fantasy reading. Since reading a number of productivity/workload management blogs I have wanted to read David Allen’s Book and see what the fuss is about. My immediate boss at work also picked up a couple of books about productivity and the use of Outlook – Michael Linenberger’s Book and Sally McGhee’s Book. So I thought I would give my impressions of the books so I could get it out of my head and clarified (which is one of the things they all mention to do – get it out of your head and written down).


Gaming Thoughts

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The first post in regard to gaming from me. Those of you who have been reading the productivity/Office posts will probably skip this one unless you are interested in role playing games. But if you are intrigued, read on. I will be venting some thoughts I have had for my own system here to get them out of my head and hopefully clarify some of the thoughts I have been having.


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