Such Happiness In Thought Happens

January 1, 2008

Day One

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What a beginning to the start of 2008! I didn’t do a lot – just chilled and read some comics. Oh wait, that’s right – there was also the pain, discomfort and general unwellness that goes along with the shits. Sorry to be graphic, but when you have cramps in the belly that make you nausea enough to want to throw up, you dont have the inclination to be subtle.

Sorry to ruin the parade if you were expecting something awe-inspiring, but I’m still on holidays and trying to enjoy it.

First blog off the rank – The Year That Was

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Welcome to my blog and 2008!

Let’s hope this thing works the way I think it will. To start off I would like to look at what has been, before looking at what could be. This can be found HERE .

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