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January 2, 2008

Monkeys with Money and a Scare

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Today Agnes had to go back to work, so I spent the day doing a few things around the place and outside just tidying up.

One of my Christmas presents is a desk calendar with a difference – It is called Freakonomics. Each day of the year it provides not a quote, but information. Let’s take today’s freakonomic for example:

“Keith Chen, an economist at Yale, taught capuchin monkeys to use money in order to see how they spent it, and if their behavior related in any way to human spending habits. As it turned out, the monkeys behaved a lot like us: they responded rationally to simple incentives; responded irrationally to risky gambles; failed to save; stole when they could; and used money for food and, on occasion, sex”

I might throw a few more of these in throughout the year, depending upon what the freakonomic is.

In other news, we had a pregnacy scare this afternoon.  (more…)

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