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January 2, 2008

Monkeys with Money and a Scare

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Today Agnes had to go back to work, so I spent the day doing a few things around the place and outside just tidying up.

One of my Christmas presents is a desk calendar with a difference – It is called Freakonomics. Each day of the year it provides not a quote, but information. Let’s take today’s freakonomic for example:

“Keith Chen, an economist at Yale, taught capuchin monkeys to use money in order to see how they spent it, and if their behavior related in any way to human spending habits. As it turned out, the monkeys behaved a lot like us: they responded rationally to simple incentives; responded irrationally to risky gambles; failed to save; stole when they could; and used money for food and, on occasion, sex”

I might throw a few more of these in throughout the year, depending upon what the freakonomic is.

In other news, we had a pregnacy scare this afternoon. 

Agnes arrived home early this afternoon as we wanted to have some fun time together and maybe go to Super Amart as they were having a one day stocktake sale. After a toilet stop however everything changed. Agnes found blood (fresh, not clotted, and more than simple spotting). So after running around looking for numbers, it was decided to drive to the Mater Emergency and take it from there.

I drove like a maniac trying to get to the Mater quickly, thankfully no cops around. My stomach was churning wondering what was happening and if everything is going to be ok. Finally got to the hospital and into Emergency. Had to wait while the receptionist finished with another patient and my only thought was “can’t this be sped up? My wife might be having a miscarriage and you are going slowly finishing up an account!”

Nurse saw us, took down Agnes’ problems and immediately taken into Emergency. Bloods organised and waiting for the ultrasound to be arranged. As it is holiday time, the sonographer had to be called in and that was what took the longest. By this time Agnes is on her side as the pain was too much trying to sit on the chair. I started on the crossword puzzle hoping it would take both our minds off things. Nearly completed it, just a few tricky clues.

When we finally got into the ultrasound, the sonographer had to take down specific info to ensure accuracy for the ultrasound information. When the scope began she looked around for a few moments looking for obvious tears, signs of bleeding, and then looked at the twins. A sigh of relief! Both are there and there is movement on the screen. It was difficult at first to see specific detail but as the sonographer realised what she was seeing, it was possible to see that one twin was looking one way, while the other was behind the first looking in the other direction. Movement from both babies was visible and two heartbeats were visible as well.

As soon as I saw that a huge weight was taken from me and a grin replaced the grimace that had been on my face. Agnes was ecstatic about the movement and no visible problems. We then spent the next 10 minutes while the sonographer went through various measurements that were required for her paperwork. During this time we saw the twins in various poses, one of which was memorable for the fact that it looked like the bub was sucking its thumb. No clue as of yet to the gender of either bub, but too early.

The drive home was a lot more sedate than the drive in. The rest of the night is nice and slow. It makes you realise that even though the first trimester has just passed, problems are still possible.

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