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January 3, 2008

10 ways to keep busy/have fun on a rainy day

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Queensland is meant to be the Sunshine State in Australia, especially when one thinks of summer. Where has that gone??!! For more than a week (since before Christmas) we have had nothing but rainy days or rain and sun on the same day. Now don’t get me wrong – I am not complaining when we are experiencing a drought, the rain is more than welcome. But on the radio yesterday and today, there were a few people complaining about the rain, and wishing for “normal weather”.

So I give to you 10 things that people can do on a rainy day.

  • Clean
    I know it’s not fun, but a rainy day is a perfect day to clean parts of the house you have been putting off. Remember if you clean now while it is raining, you can enjoy the nice weather when it happens, instead of having to clean.
  • De-clutter/Organise
    While not the same as cleaning, organising your house is a great way to clean up and know where everything is. This time of year is a perfect time as well, as it is the new year and it would be nice to de-clutter the place, especially after Christmas.
  • Start (or better yet complete) a project
    If you have had a project lying around and haven’t been able to finish it, give it another go on a rainy day. It is not like there is much else (bar what is on this list to try) and then you have the satisfaction of completing it, and having a free day when it is sunny again.
  • Catch up on your email/projects/tasks
    Not many people I know have a clean Inbox at home (or at work for that matter ;p), or they have a number of things on their To-Do list that have not had a chance to be crossed off. Well now is the perfect time to get it all in order. Catch up on correspondence, email people you have been meaning to email, clear out the stuff in your Inbox and decide what you are going to do with the To Dos and maybe do some of them.
  • Socialise/Have a friend/s over
    While it is not fun to drive around in the wet, it might be a day to go visit someone you havent seen for awhile, or better yet have them come over to your place. You could even have a bit of a roster between a group of friends of whom to visit when it is raining.
  • Cook
    If you like to cook, a rainy day is the perfect time to cook a bunch of your favourite recipes or try new ones. Of course while it is tempting to eat all that food for yourself, especially when raining, it might be advisable for your waistline to only have some of the food and share it around.
  • Movie marathon
    Who doesn’t like watching their favourite movies or tv series? So why not spend the day on the coach and watch your favourite shows/movies. Of course you can combine it with socialising and cooking to make it a hell of a day, instead of a boring, dreary rainy one.
  • Game Day
    Pull out those old board games or a pack of cards, and have fun the ol’ fashion way. Of course if you want to be more advanced you might try some of the new, fang dangled board games, or even play online.
  • Read a good book
    Nothing beats curling up on a coach, perhaps with the fire on or the heat turned up, covered with a doona, and getting into a good book. Perhaps you have a few books you have been meaning to read and just haven’t gotten around to yet, or want to re-read a favourite. Now is the perfect time. Don’t forget the warm food as well.
  • The number one way to spend a rainy day is – relax
    How often have you pushed yourself to do things? When have you had a chance to unwind and recharge. You may spend the rainy day doing one of the above items to help you relax, but which ever way you do it, spend a rainy day recharging your batteries. There is nothing better.

So how did I spend my rainy day today? Socialising and then movie marathon. A friend came over with her baby daughter, whom I have never met and we spent a few hours catching up and chilling out. After Jess left Agnes and I watched all three of the X-Men movies back to back. Such a nice, relaxing day.

So what would you add to the list?


  1. hey this is nice, its been raining like crazy here in my hometown…
    mind if i add this to my blog page?

    Comment by mog — February 29, 2008 @ 7:17 pm

  2. No problem at all!

    Comment by Duane — February 29, 2008 @ 7:33 pm

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