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January 7, 2008

The weekend that was and the day that has been

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Haven’t posted since before the weekend as I have been busy. Saturday was spent shopping in the morning, doing yard work and then relaxing. Sunday was gym in the morning, out to Ipswich for a pool sample, then put pool stuff to bring it up to speck, and then it decided to storm. Great storm! Havent seen one like that for quite a while, so was great to see. Just unsure what it would have done to the pool with the additives it needed.

After the storm some friends came around and we played games and had a roast dinner. Great afternoon/evening with good friends, good food and good entertainment (supplied by all of us of course).

Today was the first day back at work and it was different for me – a new desk away from those I had previously officed with, meeting new faces from the Sydney and Melbourne offices as we are having a conference at the moment. So no actual work to do, just sit, listen and participate. Lunch was at one of the restuarants, and I had to leave early as Agmes had an important scan – to check for the likelihood of Downs Syndrome. It was more of an excuse to see the bubs once more and make sure that all was going well. The nice thing though is that they didnt just do the check for Downs Syndrome, at the end we were presented with a brochure-like pamphlet that included print outs of the shots they had taken, PLUS a CD with digital versions of the pictures. Definitely our money’s worth (especially what we paid for it).

So that’s it from me for the moment, getting back into the rhythm of work will be on the agenda for the next two days, plus reading David Allen’s book “How to get things done”, the Australian version of “Getting Things Done”.

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