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January 12, 2008

Well didn’t see that coming …

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It’s been awhile since I posted a personal post, so I thought it was time for one, especially with what happened today. My first week back at work was fun – had a 2 day conference, annoyed some people with my supposed “attitude”, got a pay rise and did little work. What a great start to the new year! Agnes had a bit of another bleed scare, but it didnt turn out to be anything, so that was good. On Monday as I already posted we had the important scan.

Other news during we received during the week – Timo, Agnes’ biological father, is coming over for a month from August. Agnes’ parents, Wim and Jola, will be here for a month from mid-December – smack bang in the middle of summer, so it shall be interesting to see if it has been like the past month as that will be pleasant for them, and they won’t believe us when we complain about how stinking hot it gets.

That’s another thing! (sorry side rant) Everyone in Brisbane is complaining about the rain, rain and more rain. Would they prefer the rain we have had, or the stinking 40+ temps down in the southern states? I know I would go for the rain, esp as we are nearly back to 25% dam capacity! Side rant over

Where was I? … That’s right with the in-laws coming over, it will good to have them over ad thankfully not right after the bubs have been born. Apart from that this week I have been reading my first parenting book – “A Contented House with Twins” by Gina Ford and Alice Beer. The nice thing about the book is that it gives us a routine that works for feeding and sleeping twins. At the moment we just don’t know what to expect so this is pretty handy stuff.

So that brings us to today. We realised a week or two ago that we would have to get a new car – our current beast will not do as the child seat restraints are in the back of the boot, meaning there would be two straps going through the boot – no room for pram, groceries, etc, etc. So we conducted some research online and thought to look at the following cars –

  • Toyota – Corolla or Camry
  • Honda – Civic
  • Hyundai – Elantra
  • Holden – Viva or Astra
  • Ford – Focus

Especially if they had wagon models of these cars. The price was pretty alright for what we wanted. Well weren’t we in for a shock.

We get to a Toyota dealership a bit after 9 this morning, and ran into an old friend – someone I used to work with at Dominos and has been an acquaintence since. She showed us the Corolla and Camry and immediately we could see that the boot space wouldnt be big enough. The Aurion would be big enough, but its a V6 and mid 30s – more than we wanted. So we asked what else and we were shown the RAV4. Not a bad car – lots of storage compartments, including one under the boot. SO we took it for a test drive – nice to drive, direct, responsive. So we left there, went to Honda and the Civic had way too small a boot. Asked about the Accord, the next model up, and told that there are no old ones, and new ones dont come out til mid Feb. So off to Holden to look at the Viva and Astra as we knew the Astra came in a wagon. Well Astra wagon is sold out around Australia, and none til March at least. One Viva wagon, but couldn’t determine the child seat restraints and it was an auto only.

By this time we were getting hungry and I had promised Agnes on Friday that we would have Yum Cha for lunch at Ippy. Stopped off at a Ford dealership on the way and Focus doesnt come in a wagon. Lunch was nice, as it always is. Then off to Ross Llewellyn to look at Hyundai, Subaru, Holden and Toyota. By this time we realised that we would have to go into the 30s to get something, wagons were basically out as very few wagons are made anymore, and we might have to go into the All-Wheel Drives to get what we wanted. Hyundai had lots of the new i30 on show, no Elantras (they had one in plastic and we wouldn’t get to see the boot space anyway. Then next door to Subaru where it seemed no-one wanted our service. We waited 5 minutes and then walked as there was no one available and only one other couple looking around. Holden was busy as, so they took down our details and promised to call about 4 to see on the availability of Viva wagon and Astra wagon (Of course we never got the call back). So then to Toyota to see what price we could get from them.

We were met by a nice salesman called Isaac (the first to introduce himself at the start of the chat, all the others only said their name at the end as we were leaving). We told him what we wanted and why (you will be amazed what people say when you say you are expecting twins and that’s reason you look at boot space first) and he showed us another RAV4. My parents met us 10 minutes later and we showed them the car as initially they were like “Why would you go for that?”. They were impressed by it, and by this point Agnes had had enough so she said, so what price can you do it for?

30 minutes later we signed a contract for a new RAV 4, subject to finance. We traded our Mazda in – rust, hail damage, dinted door and all.

So fancy that – one day out and we sign on a new car, just like we did the house. I can see a trend starting to emerge. We shall see if it continues. Agnes got fairly sunburnt on her arms and chest from being in the sun a fair bit of the day. We are not even sure if the RAV will fit in the garage! Tonight shall be for relaxing, esp as the house needs a bit of a clean, which we will look at tomorrow.

So ciao for now and enjoy your weekend – or what’s left of it.

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