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January 16, 2008

Gaming Thoughts

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The first post in regard to gaming from me. Those of you who have been reading the productivity/Office posts will probably skip this one unless you are interested in role playing games. But if you are intrigued, read on. I will be venting some thoughts I have had for my own system here to get them out of my head and hopefully clarify some of the thoughts I have been having.

I like to play the d20 D&D system from Wizards of the Coast. I have not played any other rpg systems for awhile. Used to play 2e D&D, Palladium (Robotech [that’s going back a long way], TMNT, Heroes Unlimited, Rifts, Palladium Fantasy), MiERP, TORG, Dragon Warriors and whatever else is running around in my head. I enjoy the d20 system, but I have been tinkering with my homebrew for awhile and have recently been making other radical changes after changing the arcane spellcaster class. After altering the mage class (as I now call it), I thought about the other classes and what other alterations they could do with and came up with a number. Our personal website (see blogroll to the right) will eventually be altered and include the RPG pages with these changes.

The main problem I am having at the moment though, is that since I have given a number of the spellcasting classes such “cool” abilities, now I have to jazz up the other classes. And for classes like the fighter, which is very bland, this is very difficult. I have looked at variants of the fighter class, but now it’s looking for fighter abilities that they would find useful/interesting that the warmain (my fighter learning from a master or academy) doesn’t already have. I think I am keeping the Runethane from Arcana Evolved the same as I like it the way it is. The same with the Barbarian, Totem Warrior, Ranger and my homebrewed classes of the Outdoorsman and Dilettante. These classes get an ability nearly every level and have a number of fun things to play with.

To give some of the classes a bit of a difference, I have converted the druid and bard back to the “celtic” roots instead of the current role they have. So for example the druid is now a lorekeeper who has access to the “akashic memory” (think the akashic from Arcana Evolved), curse abilities, able to move through a battlefield without problem, etc. The bard now gains abilities based upon whether they decide to learn string, vocal or pipe music. I will also steal Malhavoc’s idea of spellsongs to replace spells for the bard as well. This idea of learning 3 different strands of abilities I have applied to the Greenbond, the new old druid (if that makes sense). So Greenbonds gain abilities with animal, plant or spirit entities. And the great thing is that as they increase in power, both the greenbond and bard gain access to the other types as well, making them more versatile. Of course once I have the website up and running you will understand what I mean.

The races have also seen a revision, mostly cosmetic. What I am now looking at with the races is subraces. All I have done so far is decide on what subtypes and the reasoning for them. The next part of course is how to make them different and interesting from each other.

So that is where I am at at the moment with my gaming. We havent played in quite awhile as we have been busy (fancy that), and the group we play with has been busy as well. But shall look at playing a bit more regularly once things have settled in the next month or so and see how long we can play til Agnes pops.


  1. Maybe the ultimate classes by a forum poster called Szatany can be helpful as idea mines.

    Were I to play D&D (as opposed to other rpgs) again, they are high on the list of material that I would like to use.

    Comment by Tommi — January 16, 2008 @ 6:02 pm

  2. I remember seeing the site and I think I bookmarked it, but havent looked at it since, thanks for the reminder.

    Comment by Duane — January 17, 2008 @ 8:11 pm

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