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January 26, 2008

A triple backflip with a twist …. and a new car!

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I sometimes find that althought being productive is good and you feel like you have achieved something, it doesn’t always give you time to update the blog that you created to keep people up to date with things. Well its now mid to late Sat evening and this is the first chance I have had since my last update. At the beginning of the week I found my work week slow, but it steadily increased in busyness (didn’t like the spelling of the original word I used) and my afternoons have been puttering around the house. Plus reading as I wanted to have time to sit and read for fun. How does all of this relate to the weird subject of backflips? Read on and you shall discover.

I trained Wednesday at the office with an over full workshop of 17, and then on Friday down at the Gold Coast which was fun. Wednesday’s group was great, even though five of Agnes’ colleagues attended. That was kinda weird at times – I had Agnes’ manager in the workshop and we have associated socially, so sometimes I had difficulty looking him in the eye. Friday was nice in that we went over to one of the parks beside the canal for lunch and it was nice to relax in the fresh air and just chill.  And now I won’t be going to Rocky next weeks due to the floods 😦 The floodwaters from Charleville are flowing down to Rockhampton. Where we conduct the training is in a building next to the river. They expect that the building (2 stories) will go completely under and had the power turned off yesterday as a safeguard.

We picked a few mangoes from the tree during the week, but as neither of us eat mangoes, can’t tell you how they are. Should find out tomorrow though as the parents took some how this weekend to try. This morning we picked up our brand new car! HERE is a link to a gallery of pics of our new car for your enjoyment. Yes it still has that new car smell, but neither of us care for that much. Afterwards dad came over and we jackhammered through some concrete on the side of the house, so that we could reconcrete where we want and to be ready in case we ever want to put in a water tank. It was during this jackhammering that the backflip with a twist occurred.

We had finished the jackhammering and were moving dirt around to get some pipes out that had been in use for the spa. While dad was lifting up one end of the pipe, the end of the pipe came out of its end, and dad in extra slow motion fell backwards. And I mean in extremely slow motion. He also moved in such a way to avoid hitting his head on the edge of the concrete, but unfortunately he fell where the spa unit had been and which we had filled up with rubble. Thankfully we had smoothed most of it over, but he still landed on rubble and scrapped his arm. No serious damage, just lots of blood. Mum and Agnes had gone out to escape the noise, and when I couldn’t find any Betadine, I called them to bring some home. That of course meant on their end that they wanted to know what had happened and they felt they should cut short their excursion. One hour later they finally arrived home and dad gave them his rendition of the events which included a triple backflip with twist to make such an injury.

So tomorrow they are coming back around to get rid of some rubble to the dump, as the backfilling down the side of the pool is full and just needs dirt. Hopefully the rest of tomorrow will be relaxing. Monday is a long weekend, the first of many the next couple of months, and we shall be having friends over later in the afternoon for a barbie, so that Mel can cook her Australia shaped beef patties. This is after she learns a few things about Excel 07.

Relaxing long weekends – gotta love ’em..

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