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January 27, 2008


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I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I like to read. For those who have known me for quite awhile, they will know this is an understatement. When I was young (around the age of 11 or so) I made the conscious choice of reading over toys. Since we have moved into our new home I have taken to re-reading books from my library. Why? Coz I can’t find anything new that I would like to read. Nowadays I stick to one genre of reading – fantasy. When I was younger I used to read sci-fi, drama, war, general, as well as fantasy, but nowadays I enjoy my fantasy books. An there are a lot more fantasy authors nowadays than when I was younger, which makes it difficult to find a good read. If you have never heard or read an author before, how can you trust their writings?

As I mentioned I have taken to re-reading my older books, which is enjoyable. I am reading what I liked when I was younger (sometimes just 5 years ago, sometimes a lot older) and still finding that I like what I am reading. I started reading my old Forgotten Realms novels, as some of them I have not read in a long time. Now some people really dislike the FR novels, which is a shame – a read should take your mind away from things, you should not get caught up in the sentence structure, or lack of plot, etc. I have enjoyed the world of Forgotten Realms in novel format and RPG sourcebooks for 20 years now and it could be that enjoying the world, its history, people, etc makes it easier for me to like a novel that other people would throw away. I have not reread all of the FR novels yet, but I am slowly making my way through the older novels – Greenwood, Cunningham, etc.

Another author I have always liked and re-read recently is Tamora Pierce. Now some will say she writes for teenagers, but so what? Her books are an enjoyable read. I didn’t start with her series Alanna, I originally started with Wild Magic with Daine and her adventures, and when I recently started reading Pierce again, I did the same. I noticed something in her works that Agnes mentioned a few weeks earlier when she read the books as well – the heroines all fall for men older than them and who usually are a mentor figure in the lives. This may or may not be a bad thing, but is it really a good idea to have young, impressionable teen girls reading this? Just a thought I had after finishing the Alanna series.

I did start a new book recently – Kushiels’ Dart by Jacqueline Carey. I enjoyed it so much I borrowed the rest of the series from the local library, and when time permits I will start my way through them. I picked up the novel in one of those bargain bins for $4 and as it was 1000 pages I thought that was a good bargain, esp if I didn’t like it I didn’t spend too much on it. The book was interesting, though some may not like the S&M scenes that the heroine Phedre goes through. What I liked most about the book though was that it is medieval Europe set in France but with some interesting twists. I won’t spoil the book with its plot, etc but would recommend it for those looking for something a bit different.

Agnes also has been reading a lot lately – but that is more due to the fact that she can’t do much while she is pregnant. Feeling sick, unable to walk long periods, muscle and ligament pains, etc all made a perfect scenario for reading. Even though Agnes works in IT, at home she avoids the computer as much as possible. So reading or watching TV is what she is left with. There isn’t much interesting on the tube at the moment, and while we have new TV series to watch, she is enjoying the reading. She is reading stuff which she has read before, but some of my series she has never gotten around to, so she is making her way through them.

To finish off this post I will mention that I just finished Dragons of the Highlord’s Skies by Weis and Hickman. Even though I do not own the books, I still continue to read the Dragonlance novels to keep up to date with Krynn. I have read a few others over the years, but I mainly stick to the main story as written by Weis and Hickman over the years. Again some will say Dragonlance is a waste of time – poorly written, old plot where we know what happens. So what? It is nice to read of characters you read when younger and to hear other stories of their exploits.


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