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January 29, 2008

Common Office Keyboard Shortcuts

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It constantly amazes me that people who seem to know how to touch type, do not know common keyboard shortcuts in the programs they use to make their life easier. While I won’t give you all of them (I don’t know all of them myself) I will give you some of the common ones in this post that are usable anywhere in Office programs.

Functions Keys

  • F1 – Help
  • F2 – Rename/edit 
  • F5 – Refresh (IE)
  • F7 – Spellcheck
  • F9 – Refresh (Office programs, Send/Receive for Outlook)
  • F12 – Save As
  • Alt F4 – Exit Program

And F12 as Save As is probably the biggest one I think people should know.


  • Ctrl Home – Go to start/top of document/page
  • Ctrl End – Go to bottom/end of document/page


  • Ctrl B – Bold
  • Ctrl I – Italics
  • Ctrl U – Underline


  • Ctrl X – Cut
  • Ctrl C – Copy
  • Ctrl V – Paste

That is why they are next to each other on the keyboard


  • Ctrl A – Select All
  • Ctrl F – Find
  • Ctrl G – Go to
  • Ctrl H – Replace
  • Ctrl K – Insert Hyperlink
  • Ctrl N – Create New file
  • Ctrl O – Open existing file
  • Ctrl P – Print
  • Ctrl S – Save
  • Ctrl W – Close file
  • Ctrl Y – Redo (opposite of Undo)
  • Ctrl Z – Undo

So if you didn’t know those shortcuts, I hope they will be of use to you. Remember if you know there is a better way of doing it and you are not doing it, will you ever do any better?


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