Such Happiness In Thought Happens

January 30, 2008


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I don’t know what it is today, but today is the day of annoyances. First there was the traffic, even though it was expected being the first Tuesday after school goes back (and yes I know today is actually Wednesday, but with the public holiday on Monday, it makes it a Tuesday in regard to traffic, and traffic is always worse on Tuesdays). Then there was the trying to write new material for the Transition manual and I kept getting interrupted by other things, plus I wasn’t fully in the mindset for it. Lastly we had a weird power outage at work after lunch, which meant we had no server, email, internet or anything. And the weird thing about the outage is that only some of the power at work was affected – some things works, some didn’t. And other places in the street experienced the same effect. Yet the place next to us on the corner, and businesses around the corner were not affected, so very localised.

In all an annoying day and I have this clutch in my chest (no nothing physically like an onset of heart attack or that), just emotionally I have a clot that doesn’t want to release just yet and I am not sure what will make it release either. Just hope I get it off my chest in the next day or so coz I don’t like it when I am like this and I would like to enjoy my weekend.

At least it has been raining the last day or two to help perk up the plants, I was nearly feeling like I would have to bucket water some of the plants we had no more rain water left.

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