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February 26, 2008

The road to Moranbah

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I was thinking of calling this thread “Living in Moranbah” but I haven’t lived here before, although last year it was nearly a second home with how often I was here, but I thought today I would share my trip yesterday and how things are today.

Flight yesterday was the first one of the year to go off without a hitch – on time, no delays and all good. At Emerald I picked up a nice Ford Falcon XR6 (on the booking form I saw Aurion or equivalent, so either they are out, or as I last had an XR6 here due to a stuff up they are keeping me on it. I don’t mind except for the fuel it goes through despite it being an auto). Not a lot of cars on the 2 hour drive to Moranbah, most of them between Emerald and Capella (the first 30 mins or so).


February 25, 2008

The last weekend of Summer (did we really have a summer?)

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Saturday was hot, you have to agreee. And for once Brisbane was hotter than Ipswich. Agnes and I didn’t really feel it, we spent most of the day in the house with aircon on, and went out a couple of times in the afternoon for a swim. So that is how we survived the only day of summer. It makes me feel that we have moved to Holland where if you are lucky you might be outdoors on a Tuesday afternoon for the only hot day in summer. We really haven’t had much warm weather this summer which has been great. Ken came over for a swim to cool down before going to a dinner party that night, and then Alison and Janet came over, after their blinds were installed just before 5pm, for dinner and a game of Phase 10.

Sunday was again relaxing; while it wasn’t as hot as Saturday, it was muggy which meant more swims in the pool. We had dinner with Tish and Helen and a nice time was had by all. Tishan and I got more than we bargained for when we went for the sundae for dessert – I was foolish enough to think I could tackle the sundae on my own,  and thankfully Tishan jumped in to save me from this mammoth dessert! The bowl would have fit a full bottle of wine, it was that huge!
Mum and Dad came around for a bit in the arvo just to catch up as we haven’t seen them for a bit. Made tentative plans of yard work in a couple of weeks. The concreting is meant to be done later this week and we have to put the pool fence in proper, plus prune a few things including the mango tree.

I am currently at the airport waiting for a flight to Emerald – I will be in Moranbah all week training. Because of this I doubt I will be doing much posting as I won’t have internet access unless I use the library in the afternoon of each day. It will be interesting to see how the roads are after all the recent flooding. It was meant to have been raining over the weekend, so shall have to find out when I get the car if all the roads are fine.

Nearly forgot to mention! No uni for me this semester. I had applied to do a subject externally through USQ, but the subject I applied for had been cancelled, and by the time I was informed of this it was too late to change it to something else. Of course I didn’t know this, and merrily went along and found myself another subject to do, received permission from QUT and called this morning to find out what I had to do to enrol in this new subject. Only this morning was I told that cut off date was 15th Feb. So no uni for me this semester. I didn’t want to do a subject next semester, but I might have to, if I want to try and finish my degree by the end of 2009. 

That’s it from me for the moment. Enjoy the week!

February 23, 2008

The value of Notes

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It constantly amazes me that people who say they “know” how to use a program, know so little about it. And one of the big “holes” in their knowledge is the use of notes. Most people constantly keep things like information, detail, tasks and the like in their head, without writing it down. Or if they do write it down, it is stored chronologically, making it difficult to find the information that has been written down. Basically what was the point of the exercise? So today I would like to take a bit of time to look at a little used feature of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Project – notes.


February 20, 2008

One cool tip in Outlook – how to delete old email addresses when creating a new email

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I was inspired to write this post when I explained to a colleague how to do this, and she thought she could make money from this one little tip. Ever had the problem when you are typing in somebody’s name in the To or CC field in an email and in the list that comes up, either there is an old, incorrect email address, or you get distracted seeing old colleagues who don’t work there anymore? Would it be nice to clean up the name Autocomplete, so that only names you use are in that Autocomplete area? Well here is how.


February 19, 2008

Things are going well

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Today Agnes and I went to the sonologist (I think that is what they are called – the people who do the ultrasounds) to see how our bubs are going. And this was an important one as Agnes has been worried as she can’t feel the bubs, and people cannot believe she is 19 weeks with twins, and not showing at all (for more on this, check out her blog which I have linked to on the right). So there has been a bit of anxiety/worry about how all is going. Well the news is excellent.

The doctor was a character and a half, and apparently we aren’t the first to think that. He wanted to know a bit about us before starting the scan, and when he learnt that Agnes and I met online his reaction “Stone the Crows!”. And a bit later there was a similar reaction to another revelation. So that was a bit funny to start off the day. When the scan was started we were both relieved – both bubs were moving around a fair bit. At a checkup Agnes had with her obst a few weeks ago, the doc couldnt get the heartbeat of one of the bubs due to vigorous movement hitting the heartbeat monitor. One was laying up/down, and the other lengthwise. Both are perfectly well according to the doc and doing as well as they should be. This would be the first chance of finding out the gender, and as was to be expected, they didn’t want to cooperate. We have an excellent pic of one’s butt, but they didn’t want to cooperate and show the other side. Ah well, we still like the idea of being surprised, so we shall see what happens.

So what happens next? Agnes has a check up with her obst in a week or so, and the next scan is the day before Anzac Day. I am unsure if I have shared the news about Agnes’ obst – it is doubtful if he will do the delivery. Back on Australia Day he decided to take a mate’s Harley for a spin and had an accident. Now all we had heard from the start is that he was involved in an accident, in ICU and his list of injuries were as follows:
broken pelvis, broken ribs (only 2 not broken), shoulder reconstruction, and extensive grazes.
It was only today that we learnt that it was because of a motorbike. The obst is part of a group that work together, so at the moment his appointments are looked after by three locums, who are all too old to deliver. Agnes has met two so far, and has felt very relaxed in their presence. Haven’t met the doc who is meant to do the delivery as of yet, but there is meant to be no problem with that either.

So that’s it from the pregnancy news front at the moment. We have a playpen without the screws, a double stroller, fabric for blankets, cot sheets, hooded towels to start with and we are slowly looking for other things. Lino in the nursery has been chosen and Agnes has decided on curtain fabric and what to do to jazz it up, as well as wall paint colour, but we have to purchase all that stuff.

February 18, 2008

How to make average Powerpoint presentations into excellent presentations

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Following yesterday’s post, here are some pointers to make better Powerpoint presentations. The basic rule is easy to understand – less is more.

The first thing to understand with Microsoft Powerpoint is that it is a tool and will not do the presentation for you. For what reason are you using a Powerpoint presentation? This simple question will help determine what to do with your presentation. What goal/s do you have by using the Powerpoint presentation? For example, is it meant to remind you of your key points; keep your audience entertained; impart the main points, etc.


February 17, 2008

Powerpoint no-nos (or how to make a bad presentation even worse)

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A year or so ago I came across a couple of funnies in regard to the use of Powerpoint, or more correctly the incorrect way of using Powerpoint. It seems like everything else Microsoft – if you don’t get some training on the program, you just do what you feel like, or do what everyone else does. So in this post I will post a list of no-nos to avoid when using Powerpoint, and then tomorrow I will post some good ways to use Powerpoint. If you are brave, why not fess up to some of the no-nos you have done before?


February 12, 2008

Microsoft Project tips and tricks

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Last week I taught my first MS Project workshop for the year and it got me thinking to what is handy to know about Project to make life easier for oneself. I have noticed that the traffic to the blog is more when it is the tips and tricks of the various programs that people are viewing, and funny enough it is from search engines that they are coming. Anyway, here will be detailed some things about Microsoft Project that you may or may not be aware of that make my life (at least) easier when I use the program.


Do I like rain or do I hate rain?

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I know I keep going on about the rain and how we need it, but when flying, rain can be quite frustrating. If I had had internet connection yesterday I would have edited my post and mentioned the delay I had. Well here I will mention it. After posting yesterday I finished up at the QANTAS Club, looked for my flight and noticed it said Move to Gate. So off I went. By the time I got to the gate it mentioned that the flight was delayed for 20 minutes. By the time we actually took off, it was ONE HOUR after we were meant to leave.

Then more fun when we were descending to Cairns, you can feel that you are descending, and then all of a sudden the airplane jerks up. You see everyone look up wondering what is going on, you know that you are no longer going down and wonder what the hell is going on. After levelling off, the captain spoke and mentioned that they could not see the runway due to the rain. So we circled for a bit, came in from a different way, and we landed no problems. After getting out and collecting luggage, do you think I saw a drop of rain? HELL no! It had rained for 36 hours solid, until I got here. It did not rain the whole time I was in Cairns, til just before I get to the airport and guess what? Currently my flight to Townsville is apparently 30 mins delayed. and I still have over 1 hour before we are meant to fly.

So here I sit in QANTAS Club again, logging onto the free internet, food and booze. First time I have had spirits waiting for a flight. And of course some people know I don’t drink beer or wine, and need the stronger stuff ;p Ah well such is life.
Tomorrow I have nothing to do but stroll around Townsville, checking out what’s different and I might see if a few friends are still around. The problem of course is that most people I know have moved away from Townsville, and those that still might be here I have not had contact with for over 10 years. So I might just kick back and enjoy the sun. Wait a minute … there is no sun at the moment – it is raining! There is actually a monsoonal trough along the north coast of Australia causing all the rain, so hoping it will move south and hit Brissy as well. I spoke to Agnes just before and she mentioned that there was flooding in Townsville, so shall have to wait and see what it is like.

 That’s it from me at the moment. See you on the flip side of the rain!

February 11, 2008

A great weekend

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Well here I sit in the QANTAS Club waiting for my flight to Cairns (and incidentally waiting forever for the Internet to load up, it must either be my wireless connection, poor location or overloading of the wireless to cause such shitty connection) for the first time in a couple of months. This morning was a flurry of activity making sure I had everything I needed for 4 days away from home. I kept going over in my head all the things I need as it has been awhile since I have had to do it. Last year when I was flying regularly (sometimes once a week) I didn’t have to bother, especially as they were usually only for a night or so. Did I remember everything? Of course not! I wanted to take my swimmer as I am going to Cairns and then Townsville, and I wanted to take my small brolly as both places are meant to have rain/thunderstorms (so probably wont need the swimmers then ;p)


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