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February 4, 2008

My new Mage class

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I wanted to do this last week, but with the public holiday on Monday and busy reading last week I didn’t get the chance. What I want to do is briefly detail what changes I have made for the core classes for my roleplaying world and why. So if you are not into RPGs, skip this post. Today’s is the Mage (old Wizard core class) as that is what started the ball rolling for me. So read on and let me know what you think!


Rainy Weekend

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First post for the month of February. Like everyone else I have to say – Where has the year gone already? More than 1/12th through the year already!

We had a nice weekend, on Saturday we started at the Rocklea Markets for some fruit & veg, went to ‘Gabba for a fabric store for Agnes (we were too early so couldnt go in til Sunday), went to the Annerley Library to pick up some books for Agnes to read, went to Comic Warriors at Annerley as well to try and pre-order 4e, but instead we picked up Order of the Stick boardgame, and finally we had breakfast at a nice little cafe. And that was all before 10 am!

The rest of the day was spent lazing in the pool and reading. Sunday started dreary and continued that way. After going to the fabric store we went back home and Dad and I leveled the side to get ready for a concreting quote today (if he turns up). We watched some Smallville episodes (Season 6) and had a yummy dinner.

It is meant to rain most of this week, which I think is great! Except for the lawn. I didn’t get a chance to mow on the weekend, and I doubt I will mow during the week so it will probably be shocking on the weekend. I finished off the Jacqueline Carey’s trilogy of Kushiel with Phedre and I quite enjoyed how it finished and the story as a whole. She has started a second trilogy of which I got the first book from the library and it follows Imriel, introduced in the last book and I am not sure how that will run, but shall wait and see. I don’t want to read as much this week as I want to focus on a few other things if I get the chance.
Agnes seems to be slowly coming out of her reading phase as well; she finished in just over a week all the Raymond E. Feist Midkemia books, bar the two most recent ones (Flight of the Nighthawks, and Into a Dark Realm) which we picked up on Saturday.

So that’s it from me at the moment – enjoying the rain, and boy am I happy I finished off the Office 07 manual for work today!

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