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February 4, 2008

My new Mage class

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I wanted to do this last week, but with the public holiday on Monday and busy reading last week I didn’t get the chance. What I want to do is briefly detail what changes I have made for the core classes for my roleplaying world and why. So if you are not into RPGs, skip this post. Today’s is the Mage (old Wizard core class) as that is what started the ball rolling for me. So read on and let me know what you think!

Awhile back Monte Cook wrote an article about ideas for an alternate spellcaster available HERE. This got my creative juices flowing and I took the ball and ran with it. I created about five disciplines and then left it for about a year. Late last year I came back to it and finished up the disciplines I thought were useful. I then continued with the creativity and had some thoughts about magic (available on the Magic Thoughts page). Since then I have asked a few a few people what they think and the feedback so far has been good, about the only thing left is how many spells a level they can cast, and restricting the spell list.

So the disciplines look at the main things arcane spellcasters do well and give them the possibility of doing it all day – so for example an attack discipline that allows for a continual ranged attack, without using a spell. Or a defence discipline in which they don’t have to use mage armour. And the big thing about these is that they need to be scalable – i.e. that as they progress in levels, the discipline abilities also get better. From these basic two developed the energy resistance and lingering attack disciplines – alternate options.

But then things got difficult – what else could they have that would be useful but not over the top? So buffing became an option, it just took awhile to decide how much of a buff and whether it could apply to others. Magical senses seemed a valid option as well, and would mean that they would not have to waste spells on them either. In regard to the familiar I wondered what could be done. After some thought I thought it best if it became a discipline – i.e. that a familiar could be available for a day if the wizard wanted it so to take advantage of the abilities the familiar provides them. What do familiars in fantasy and mythology do for their masters? Make them better casters, so the +1 caster level was a given. But what else to make them useful? That’s when I thought about access to Knowledge skills the wizard does not normally have and a special ability.

Of course these are the ones all apprentices learn when they are young. There is no reason why a new discipline can’t be created and say it was created by a different school or by a lone master. Now the problem is to decide how many spells to give each level. I have a table I think is alright – esp at high levels they dont have as many spells as the current wizard. But then when I hear some of the things 4e wizards have access to, I wonder if they might need more spells. In regard to the number of disciplines usable each day per level, I increased it by 1 for each level change. Originally they had 1 discipline at 1st level, but I thought that was not enough, and too reminiscent of 1 spell at 1st level. So starting with two disciplines gives wizards the choice of what they want to have each day.

So that’s it for today with the mage. Any thoughts/comments/suggestions? When I get a chance I will include on the Mage page the possible spells/level and see what people think of that as well.

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