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February 6, 2008

My new Cleric class

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Well so far it looks like no-one has read a single post in regard to my class thoughts so far, but that’s fine. This helps me understand in my head what I am trying to achieve with the classes, and help the thought process on things I am stuck on at the moment as well. Today’s class look is at the cleric. As always if you don’t care about RPGs, don’t read any further.

The cleric in the d20 system has its advocates that it is an extremely strong class, whereas other people think it is ho-hum. Personally I think the ability to fight ok, have all armours, and cast spells is a good thing. Esp with the 2 good saves. So why would I want to makes improvements to something that good? I have always been annoyed that they need to rely on spells for healing and only have turn undead for their positive energy (I am focussing on good cleric here, the ones PCs will play). So I decided to do something about it. The cleric I made (which can be found HERE) is no different in spells at this point, but has an ability called Healing Hands, and provides additional uses of Positive Energy.

First Healing Hands – Due to the need for healing, healing spells just aren’t enough. So I decided upon a pool of hit points, plus extra depending upon the person’s Wis and Cha modifiers for healing. But as can be seen from the ability description, this pool does not have to be used just for healing, and it depends upon the faith of the healee as to how much they are healed. I have added notes for use by characters of evil gods, but that is not 100% at this time.

Positive Energy – I brainstormed possible uses of positive energy and came up with the list of abilities they gain: Sanctuary, save bonus, use against poisons and disease, turning outsiders (hint demons/devils), and finally higher level ability of offense and the ultimate – resurrection. The offensive ability of divine power was one of the last ones I thought of, as I thought there should be an offensive use of positive energy when needed. But as you can see it is higher level, as lower level positive energy should be for healing and defence. Then I had to come up with a way to limit how many times they could use these abilities. The answer was simple: like divine feats – have the player use up their Turn Undead attempts, because that is what they are doing, using positive energy of which Turn Undead is just one application of said energy.

For quite awhile that was all I did with the class. But as you can see I have something called the Choice at the end of the ability descriptions, which is the 5th level ability The Choice. The typical D&D cleric is one who fights foes of the faith and helps their allies with healing and spells when required. But how do you show the cleric who is more devout and doesn’t fight martially, or what about temple guards, or other devout who are more martially inclined and don’t uses spells as often? (And no I am not talking about the paladin here for more martially inclined. Personally I don’t like the paladin (or the monk, but that is another story). So if you want to have a paladin, you need to have a Champion of the Divine (this is a new Champion subtype from Arcana Evolved).
So at 5th level a cleric needs to make the choice. The Choice is a rite of passage that determines how they see their future in their “church” – will it be no change, a normal cleric; will they be more devout, a Devout; or will they be more martial, a Templar. At this point I have started on the Templar as can be seen from the class ability description. They gain access to the weapon of choice from their deity, and different uses of Positive Energy – these are meant to emulate the “buff” martial spells of divine favour and righteous might. The Devout I am still working on – I am thinking about extra Domain spells and powers, and possibly some different non-positive energy related abilities. Just not 100% yet what these abilities will be.

I need to upload to the site my list of deities and which portfolios they are in charge of, but is what the mortal intermediaries will look like. Now as they have more abilities I might decrease their spells, but I don’t think I will. With the ability changes the other classes receive, to me it seems right. But playing the classes will determine if they need changing at a later point in time.

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