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February 7, 2008

Finally a non-RPG post …. yeaahhh!

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Yes, I have something to write about other than my gaming habits. Its nearly weekend, and am I glad that is the case. It’s been a wet week, and today was the first day without rain, bar a few sprinkles on the way home. Do I mind the rain? Hell no, apparently someone gave me a username of Wizard and Rainmaker of Oz on a forum Agnes and I frequent. And the annoying thing is that usernames can be given by anyone willing to spend the money on it. So bring on the rain! And the rest of this post. ;p


My new Druid class

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Continuing on the theme for the week, this post looks at the the Druid class. Now this is not your average D&D druid, and I might have to change the name, but my intention was to have the druid more reflect the celtic druid from times of old. So as always if you are not interested in RPGs, skip this post.


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