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February 7, 2008

Finally a non-RPG post …. yeaahhh!

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Yes, I have something to write about other than my gaming habits. Its nearly weekend, and am I glad that is the case. It’s been a wet week, and today was the first day without rain, bar a few sprinkles on the way home. Do I mind the rain? Hell no, apparently someone gave me a username of Wizard and Rainmaker of Oz on a forum Agnes and I frequent. And the annoying thing is that usernames can be given by anyone willing to spend the money on it. So bring on the rain! And the rest of this post. ;p

I finally got around to mowing one of the lawns this arvo after work (how about you Ali? Done your lawn yet? :p) and I finally timed myself to see how long it took to mow and whipper-snip the edges. It took roughly 20 minutes. Not bad for a push mower job, and its a nice even cut if I do say so myself. One of the things I have been meaning to mention is that the spiders don’t seem to like my mowing. Every time I get out the push mower and start going over the lawn, all these wolf spiders start scurring for cover. Now Agnes wonders if I made up the name of “wolf spider” myself, but HERE is the proof – go down the page and you will see Wolf Spider. There are quite a few of these on the ground and they don’t like the mower. I haven’t killed any, as the mower goes over them, so don’t worry about that (my keyboard is starting to tick me off!).

Speaking of spiders – Lisa (one of our cats for those not in the know) found a nice large Huntsman climbing the hallway wall this evening while Agnes and I were watching Smallville. It was quite a shock to see one of that size in the house. Thankfully I got to it in time before Lisa decided to jump and see if she could get it. And for even more spiders, you should check out our mango tree in the back yard. And it looks like we don’t have any more mangoes – the bats got to the last ones last night. I think there are a few right at the top that I can’t get to left, but unsure, and I havent heard much screeching tonite. But it was cute in the mornings when the lorikeets would eat at the mango on the ground. We saw a couple of scaly-breasts this morning, and then a rainbow lorikeet pushed one away so that it could get at the mango itself. And there was Kay (our other cat) perched over the window sill watching. Unlike Lisa who goes stir crazy, running around the house whenever she sees one.

Enough about Australian wildlife (did you know that apparently there is a feral deer population in one of the parks at Mt. Ommaney?), work has been extremely busy this week. Monday was finishing the training manual, then I find out later in the week that it is good that I finished that as a client wants to do the 2007 transition in mid March. Tuesday and Wednesday was training Project and that was fun, but frustrating as none of the participants had really used Project before, and then I pumped them so full of info in two days, that I would if it was effective. They all said it was good, and they have to use it immediately to make most benefit, but I sometimes wonder if they say that for my benefit. At least with the Outlook training I know they use it when we do the follow-up coaching. And that brings us to today for work – conducting coaching for people who attended a workshop a fortnight ago and seeing how it is going. This part of my job I really love as you get the one-on-one time to ensure that they are using the process and if they have any problems and you can help fix it immediately. And today was good as I had some quality questions, which show that people are wanting Outlook to do more for them, than they were aware was possible. So I was out of the office til about 2, and then it was all stations go doing work before I finished a bit early to pick up Agnes.
Next week is my first week away in nearly two months. And to top it all off I will be away most of the week in Cairns and Townsville and not back til Thursday night. And as I have never taught at the centre in Townsville I need to make sure I had all my stuff, and had the paperwork about where everything is, even for Cairns as I would be staying in a new place for accommodation. Then it was making sure I knew what was happening for the rest of the month as the end of February is busy as well. I was meant to be doing some coaching down the coast 2 Monday’s time, but then I found out that I was booked for some Excel training and not informed til this morning, which means I had to reshuffle after bookings for the coaching had been made. But all is sorted now by the looks of it.

So that’s it for me at the moment. It is stinking hot at the moment, and it looks like it will be warm and sticky for the rest of the week. The nights are quite annoying as there is no breeze to alleviate the humidity. So to the trusty aircon we turn.

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  1. don’t mention mowing to me at the moment I may explode!

    Comment by Ali — February 8, 2008 @ 10:30 am

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