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February 7, 2008

My new Druid class

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Continuing on the theme for the week, this post looks at the the Druid class. Now this is not your average D&D druid, and I might have to change the name, but my intention was to have the druid more reflect the celtic druid from times of old. So as always if you are not interested in RPGs, skip this post.

When I thought over the classes, one intention I had was to make the bard and druid more reflect their original Celtic heritage. The problem with that though is that there is some dispute over what constitutes a bard and a druid in celtic times. Some people believe there was overlap between the two “positions”. So I decided to have bards be more musical oriented and knowing about local knowledge (see more HERE) , while the druid was for judgement, ancient/old knowledge, etc. The write up on my website is still in development stage and the writing reflects that. But I have the main idea up at this point in time.

When thinking of class abilities I went back to what I knew (or assume I knew) about druids in Celtic times. One of the things that jumped out at me was that druids were able to walk a battlefield unmolested, as none wanted to incur the wrath of the druid. This became the sanctuary ability. The other thing I remembered is that druids were meant to have the ability to curse people. So I started with simple curses for low level druids, and made them more devastating as the druid progressed in levels. The problem with this though is that you can’t make curses too powerful, but you can’t make them too weak as well. So the proof in the pudding won’t come out until the class has been played and we see what is possible.

The next hurdle was what to do with druidic knowledge. To start with (and still at the moment) I made it similar to bardic knowledge, but I didn’t think that is fair. Druids are meant to spend times in study learning the past and would have some way to recall it, that bards don’t have access to. So after a bit of thought I stumbled across the possibility of the Akashic Memory that the akashic class from Arcana Evolved has access to. From my original campaign I had banned a number of classes – the paladin and monk from D&D, and the akashic and oathsworn from AE. So the way was clear for druids to have access to an akashic memory from ancient druids. So the way it is meant to work is that a druid can access what druids of yore might know, specific to their race. I did not think it was fair that druids would have access to everything right from the start. That is why at higher levels the druid is able to access the akashic memory from other races. Akashic memory might still undergo some revision, but at the moment it is a percentile chance based upon the druid’s level and how old the information they are looking for is.

Zone of Truth and Discern Lies seemed like the next logical option as druids are meant to be truth seekers and judgement holders. But I thought something else was needed – that is why Judgement became an ability. However Judgement makes me think the druid should become a NPC class, as how will passing judgement affect PCs? The general idea behind Judgement is that two willing parties ask the druid for judgement that is binding. It is made binding by the gods themselves. To ensure the safety of all involved I came up with a sphere that acts like a globe of invulnerability and a resilient sphere, so that external factors could not interfere. The “Time is halved for the duration of the Judgement” part is meant to mean that time speeds up within the sphere, so that the participants are slightly out of sync with the world around them, and it doesn’t take as long. When you think about how long it takes to hear all parties’ stories, deliberate and pass sentence it can take quite a long time. This ability is still up in the air though, so revisions are likely.

While nothing is stated on the page yet, druids are meant to have access to divine spells, that are granted to them either by a specific deity (say the god of knowledge) or by all gods as the druid works on all their behalves. The spells wont be identical to clerics, or existing druids, but will probably have spells from all spell lists. The main thing is that druids are not meant to rely on fighting except to protect themselves. So they are like mages in that case. They have abilities to help them, but they are use spells to survive or augment their abilities.

So that is where I am at with the druid class at the moment. For those looking for nature loving divine spellcasters, look at the Greenbond class. As with all the revisions, we wont know if they work until they are tried. When this might be, I am really not sure. I hope we can get some gaming in before the birth, because I seriously doubt we will have time afterwards for awhile.

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