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February 8, 2008

My new Greenbond class

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To finish up the week (unsure if I will have time on the weekend to continue this) I will detail my alternate Greenbond class. The druid of Arcana Evolved as I like to think of it incorporates the druid of D&D and the greenbond of AE. As always if you are not interested in RPGs, skip this post.

Version 1.0 of my campaign world used both the druid and the greenbond. My reasoning was that the druid represented the animals of nature, whereas the greenbond represented the plants of nature. This seemed reasonable when you considered the abilities both classes gained. When I turned the druid back into the Celtic druid, that left a vacancy that the greenbond could take the animal abilities as well.

When I had a closer look at the greenbond I noticed that they also gained abilities dealing with the spirit world. So with animals and plants that made three nature types, which was similar to what I did with the bard with three music types. So the current version of the Greenbond sees three nature types that greenbonds can choose from, which each provide different abilities. Levels 1,6,11 (notice the symmetry with the fighter bonus attacks?) the greenbond chooses a nature type and then at the following levels they choose from that nature type for their abilities. So all the druid and greenbond abilities have been split up into the different nature types and it makes no two lower level greenbonds the same.
The other thing I liked about this is that it allowed a perfect reason to have the greenbond wildshape into an elemental at higher levels – combining the animal and spirit nature types.

The class does have a few holes in the levels, but this is something I am still working on, and to be honest I think if other abilities were allowed, the class might become overpowered, because remember there are spells that need to be added into the equation as well. One thing to note is in the weapon proficiencies. I never understood why druids could not use a bow. It is a naturally produced weapon, and it adds to the arsenal of the nature loving class.

So that is it for the greenbond – the nature loving spellcasting class. For the nature loving fighter look at the outdoorsman. The ranger is the nature loving fighter who has a mystical connection to nature that allows them to cast spells. I think the greenbond is different enough from the druid to make it an interesting alternative to the D&D druid.

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