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February 11, 2008

A great weekend

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Well here I sit in the QANTAS Club waiting for my flight to Cairns (and incidentally waiting forever for the Internet to load up, it must either be my wireless connection, poor location or overloading of the wireless to cause such shitty connection) for the first time in a couple of months. This morning was a flurry of activity making sure I had everything I needed for 4 days away from home. I kept going over in my head all the things I need as it has been awhile since I have had to do it. Last year when I was flying regularly (sometimes once a week) I didn’t have to bother, especially as they were usually only for a night or so. Did I remember everything? Of course not! I wanted to take my swimmer as I am going to Cairns and then Townsville, and I wanted to take my small brolly as both places are meant to have rain/thunderstorms (so probably wont need the swimmers then ;p)

The weekend just been was great. We did a number of small things we have wanted to do for awhile, but we were still able to have a weekend. The only big thing I did was mow out the front. I mentioned it took my roughly 20 mins to do the back, well it took my a good 50 mins to do the front, and I needed to whipper-snip a fair bit, and then the whipper snipper konked out and I needed to refuel that. But that was the biggest thing. Apart from that I got a haircut, got a new suitcase for travel, Agnes and I got an engagement present for a friend and then on Sunday Agnes got some fabric to make things for the bubs after they are born. That was something else we did- purchased our first baby things. There was a sale so we went and got some cloth nappies, blankets and cot sheet sets. Agnes also wanted to get a fair number of these hooded towels that were cute, but then decided against it.

Yesterday we had Jay and Anita come over, as we havent seen them since New Years, and we wanted to play a new game – Order of the Stick! Now if you have read the webcomic you will know something about what the game is about. It is purely a card game and takes a bit to understand. We played for about 2 and a bit hours and didnt finish it, but then again we knew we would not be able to when it said 3 or more hours! But we now have more of an understanding about the game and it should go quicker next time. Jay and I, I think, had the most fun as we are both up to date on the game. Agnes had a lot of fun playing Elan and having a shtick that if she touched her nose, then the last person to do so would either lose a wound, or lose 1 loot. Even though we chose characters randomly I still ended up with V, the magic user). Now we just need to master the concepts of player vs player combat and ranged combat and we should be good.

It looks like we wont be doing much of the originally planned weekend this weekend (Feb 16th), so this weekend will be wait and see, but this week shouldnt be too strenuous, so it doesnt matter too much how the upcoming weekend pans out. Also note, as I am away, I am not sure of internet access, so I might not be posting as much as I would like.

Ciao for now.


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