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February 12, 2008

Microsoft Project tips and tricks

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Last week I taught my first MS Project workshop for the year and it got me thinking to what is handy to know about Project to make life easier for oneself. I have noticed that the traffic to the blog is more when it is the tips and tricks of the various programs that people are viewing, and funny enough it is from search engines that they are coming. Anyway, here will be detailed some things about Microsoft Project that you may or may not be aware of that make my life (at least) easier when I use the program.


Do I like rain or do I hate rain?

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I know I keep going on about the rain and how we need it, but when flying, rain can be quite frustrating. If I had had internet connection yesterday I would have edited my post and mentioned the delay I had. Well here I will mention it. After posting yesterday I finished up at the QANTAS Club, looked for my flight and noticed it said Move to Gate. So off I went. By the time I got to the gate it mentioned that the flight was delayed for 20 minutes. By the time we actually took off, it was ONE HOUR after we were meant to leave.

Then more fun when we were descending to Cairns, you can feel that you are descending, and then all of a sudden the airplane jerks up. You see everyone look up wondering what is going on, you know that you are no longer going down and wonder what the hell is going on. After levelling off, the captain spoke and mentioned that they could not see the runway due to the rain. So we circled for a bit, came in from a different way, and we landed no problems. After getting out and collecting luggage, do you think I saw a drop of rain? HELL no! It had rained for 36 hours solid, until I got here. It did not rain the whole time I was in Cairns, til just before I get to the airport and guess what? Currently my flight to Townsville is apparently 30 mins delayed. and I still have over 1 hour before we are meant to fly.

So here I sit in QANTAS Club again, logging onto the free internet, food and booze. First time I have had spirits waiting for a flight. And of course some people know I don’t drink beer or wine, and need the stronger stuff ;p Ah well such is life.
Tomorrow I have nothing to do but stroll around Townsville, checking out what’s different and I might see if a few friends are still around. The problem of course is that most people I know have moved away from Townsville, and those that still might be here I have not had contact with for over 10 years. So I might just kick back and enjoy the sun. Wait a minute … there is no sun at the moment – it is raining! There is actually a monsoonal trough along the north coast of Australia causing all the rain, so hoping it will move south and hit Brissy as well. I spoke to Agnes just before and she mentioned that there was flooding in Townsville, so shall have to wait and see what it is like.

┬áThat’s it from me at the moment. See you on the flip side of the rain!

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