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February 19, 2008

Things are going well

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Today Agnes and I went to the sonologist (I think that is what they are called – the people who do the ultrasounds) to see how our bubs are going. And this was an important one as Agnes has been worried as she can’t feel the bubs, and people cannot believe she is 19 weeks with twins, and not showing at all (for more on this, check out her blog which I have linked to on the right). So there has been a bit of anxiety/worry about how all is going. Well the news is excellent.

The doctor was a character and a half, and apparently we aren’t the first to think that. He wanted to know a bit about us before starting the scan, and when he learnt that Agnes and I met online his reaction “Stone the Crows!”. And a bit later there was a similar reaction to another revelation. So that was a bit funny to start off the day. When the scan was started we were both relieved – both bubs were moving around a fair bit. At a checkup Agnes had with her obst a few weeks ago, the doc couldnt get the heartbeat of one of the bubs due to vigorous movement hitting the heartbeat monitor. One was laying up/down, and the other lengthwise. Both are perfectly well according to the doc and doing as well as they should be. This would be the first chance of finding out the gender, and as was to be expected, they didn’t want to cooperate. We have an excellent pic of one’s butt, but they didn’t want to cooperate and show the other side. Ah well, we still like the idea of being surprised, so we shall see what happens.

So what happens next? Agnes has a check up with her obst in a week or so, and the next scan is the day before Anzac Day. I am unsure if I have shared the news about Agnes’ obst – it is doubtful if he will do the delivery. Back on Australia Day he decided to take a mate’s Harley for a spin and had an accident. Now all we had heard from the start is that he was involved in an accident, in ICU and his list of injuries were as follows:
broken pelvis, broken ribs (only 2 not broken), shoulder reconstruction, and extensive grazes.
It was only today that we learnt that it was because of a motorbike. The obst is part of a group that work together, so at the moment his appointments are looked after by three locums, who are all too old to deliver. Agnes has met two so far, and has felt very relaxed in their presence. Haven’t met the doc who is meant to do the delivery as of yet, but there is meant to be no problem with that either.

So that’s it from the pregnancy news front at the moment. We have a playpen without the screws, a double stroller, fabric for blankets, cot sheets, hooded towels to start with and we are slowly looking for other things. Lino in the nursery has been chosen and Agnes has decided on curtain fabric and what to do to jazz it up, as well as wall paint colour, but we have to purchase all that stuff.

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  1. Hi Duane (& Agnes),

    Just posting a comment to say I’ve been ‘reading’ your blog (well, reading some, and skipping over your computer and role playing stuff). 😀 I’m so glad to hear everything is going well! I’ll go and check out Agnes’ blog now.


    Comment by Lara — February 20, 2008 @ 7:34 am

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