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February 25, 2008

The last weekend of Summer (did we really have a summer?)

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Saturday was hot, you have to agreee. And for once Brisbane was hotter than Ipswich. Agnes and I didn’t really feel it, we spent most of the day in the house with aircon on, and went out a couple of times in the afternoon for a swim. So that is how we survived the only day of summer. It makes me feel that we have moved to Holland where if you are lucky you might be outdoors on a Tuesday afternoon for the only hot day in summer. We really haven’t had much warm weather this summer which has been great. Ken came over for a swim to cool down before going to a dinner party that night, and then Alison and Janet came over, after their blinds were installed just before 5pm, for dinner and a game of Phase 10.

Sunday was again relaxing; while it wasn’t as hot as Saturday, it was muggy which meant more swims in the pool. We had dinner with Tish and Helen and a nice time was had by all. Tishan and I got more than we bargained for when we went for the sundae for dessert – I was foolish enough to think I could tackle the sundae on my own,  and thankfully Tishan jumped in to save me from this mammoth dessert! The bowl would have fit a full bottle of wine, it was that huge!
Mum and Dad came around for a bit in the arvo just to catch up as we haven’t seen them for a bit. Made tentative plans of yard work in a couple of weeks. The concreting is meant to be done later this week and we have to put the pool fence in proper, plus prune a few things including the mango tree.

I am currently at the airport waiting for a flight to Emerald – I will be in Moranbah all week training. Because of this I doubt I will be doing much posting as I won’t have internet access unless I use the library in the afternoon of each day. It will be interesting to see how the roads are after all the recent flooding. It was meant to have been raining over the weekend, so shall have to find out when I get the car if all the roads are fine.

Nearly forgot to mention! No uni for me this semester. I had applied to do a subject externally through USQ, but the subject I applied for had been cancelled, and by the time I was informed of this it was too late to change it to something else. Of course I didn’t know this, and merrily went along and found myself another subject to do, received permission from QUT and called this morning to find out what I had to do to enrol in this new subject. Only this morning was I told that cut off date was 15th Feb. So no uni for me this semester. I didn’t want to do a subject next semester, but I might have to, if I want to try and finish my degree by the end of 2009. 

That’s it from me for the moment. Enjoy the week!

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