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February 26, 2008

The road to Moranbah

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I was thinking of calling this thread “Living in Moranbah” but I haven’t lived here before, although last year it was nearly a second home with how often I was here, but I thought today I would share my trip yesterday and how things are today.

Flight yesterday was the first one of the year to go off without a hitch – on time, no delays and all good. At Emerald I picked up a nice Ford Falcon XR6 (on the booking form I saw Aurion or equivalent, so either they are out, or as I last had an XR6 here due to a stuff up they are keeping me on it. I don’t mind except for the fuel it goes through despite it being an auto). Not a lot of cars on the 2 hour drive to Moranbah, most of them between Emerald and Capella (the first 30 mins or so).

You could see what damage the recent floods had done beside the road. Between Emerald and Moranbah there are a number of parts that you go over a “water part” that is normally as dry as a … (insert appropriate Aussie lingo for dryness), but yesterday most of them were full. Some even had water virtually next to the road. There were a few signs of “Caution Water Over Road”, but I didn’t see any of this water. After Capella there were a few cars but not much, and I didn’t overtake anything after Capella, so the picture I am trying to paint here is that the roads out this way are not heavily trafficed.

At times it was like driving on a sea of green – a sea of green grass. The grass is a lot taller than I ever remember, greener than ever before and a lot closer to the road as well. At some points the area is so flat, you literally think you are on an ocean, with tress as islands sticking out of the water. Not all of the land is flat, on the road between Clermont and Moranbah (the last hour) there are a fair few hills and ranges. You even get to see small hills and that close to the road. At one point, one hill has such a sheer roack face with no greenery that it actually looks like a skull – you can see the eye sockets and nasal cavity for a skull, just no open mouth.

The main thing about the drive is that it is as boring as bat shit. I could have opted for the dirt roads in the middle, but I didn’t trust what the recent rain had done to them, plus on the inland road there are a fair few steep drops to a “normally” dry creek bed. Last year I took a photo of cattle grazing on one of these dry creek beds, but I didn’t want to take the chance of high water on them this time.
So what do I do to entertain myself on such drives? The radio helps while you have reception, arm and leg exercises help for an hour or so, but mainly you think about life, etc, etc.

Moranbah is a small hick town, but thankfully it has both a Woolies and a Coles, KFC, Red Rooster and Subway. The first hotel in town is the best – internet and pool. The others are fair; where I am staying the aircon is hardcoded to only give one temp; breakfast is by filling out a form the night before; but at least there is Austar to help pass the time if you didn’t bring anything to read.

So today I trained at the school – thankfully the kids were at the swimming carnival as we are training in one of the library rooms at the moment. The training centre is still being finished off at the moment; they only had power installed last week. Hopefully that will be completed before the next time we are there. But tomorrow I will have to contend with the noise of kids in the library, and kids in the school grounds when we are on break. I am really looking for to Friday when I will be home with everything I know around me. Currently I am in the local library using the Internet and having to remember my favourite sites to keep up to date.

That’s it from me at the moment, doubt I will have anything more interesting to say for the next few days.


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