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March 30, 2008

Long weekend in Sydney

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A few weeks ago Agnes and I had a discussion about what to do for my birthday and whether we wanted to go away for it. At the time that wasn’t possible bar the two days of the weekend. Then a class in Emerald was cancelled and suddenly 4 days was possible. So I thought to surprise Agnes and see if she was able to have the Thursday/Friday off as well. And that is how we got to be in Sydney this weekend. Flights were not expensive as I used some Frequent Flyer Points, just had to pay for taxes. Instead of a hotel, we are staying at a self-contained apartment that caters for business travellers, that is in Darlinghurst and we are not far from an inner city train station.


March 23, 2008

I am a sexy, shoeless god of paint!

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There would be a handful of friends and acquaintances I know that would get the title’s reference. To most it would be: what is Duane on about? Sexy? I think only Agnes would think so. Shoeless? That is how I spent most of the weekend. God of paint? That is what I did most of the weekend. Well the first two days at least. Yes Agnes and I spent our Easter long weekend painting – the nursery, laundry, toilet and bathroom. We only have a touch up job of the bathroom left and it is all done!

Been a bit of a slow week. Didn’t really know what to contribute to the blog so I left it. I have a couple of posts in draft at the moment that need some work to them. Will hopefully get them up next week. Why not this week? Well first I am in Emerald for a day training, and then when I get back, Agnes and I will be flitting off to Sydney for another long weekend, just the two of us. So not much time to finish off the posts just yet. Most of my week was spent coaching at work. No workshops as again what I was meant to be doing was cancelled at the last moment. At home I spent most of my time reading – been rereading Tamora Pierce’s work. Definitely love Pierce’s books and I was able to finish all three series of the Circle books. Apart from that just relaxing to use up my energy this weekend painting.

A surprise was seeing some friends who were up from Melbourne. They needed to accumulate some kms on the salary-sacrificied car, so they drove up and will be driving back late tomorrow. as good to see Sam, Cam, Connor and their newest addition Hannah. Caught up, had a nice time and then we went back and painted the bathroom with its topcoat of paint. Rest of Sunday was spent catching up on recorded episodes of Robin Hood and Supernatural. Not as many episodes of Supernatural as I would have liked as the week just been was considered non-ratings period, so they replaced it with something else.

There is still tomorrow left for the long weekend and I want to finish the housework, and do some writing. Have another book to read as well. Will be a bit of a slog – Excel VBA Programming. Something I have always wanted to learn, just never really had the time. Of course I should try and inish Covey’s Seven Habits of Effective People, as it is meant to be such a wonderful book, but I just cant seem to get into it. But if I take it with me to Emerald I will have 3 solid hours on the plane to read it. I have read some of it – I think I am partway through Habit 2.

March 14, 2008

What would the world be like if cats didn’t purr?

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The title above (as weird as it may be) is a thought that went through my head this evening on Freaky Friday. It came after patting one of my cats and hearing the contented purr and just wondering what it would be like if cats did not purr. As to Freaky Friday, I know it is not Friday the 13th, but events this evening make it seem like Freaky Friday.


March 12, 2008

Office 2003 to 2007 Conversion Guides

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Been awhile since I did a post about a tip with Office, and the truth is I have been busy, and unsure what exactly to write about. I wrote the main tips I could think of that are handy. Currently I am compiling a list of things for each program, and you should see that result of that shortly. But I stumbled across an incredibly useful part of the Microsoft Office website that I wanted to share for those of you who have upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007 and are having difficulty finding things that you once knew.

This link is what you want to click on. Then download the Interactive Guide for the program you need help with. Once you have downloaded and installed the executable file, you will have on your computer a Flash video file that you can refer to for menu commands you once knew in Office 2003, but are now unsure where it is found in Office 2007.

I would recommend downloading the installation files, install them somewhere you will remember and then use them as required. On the same link you don’t have to download the files, you can do it from the internet itself, but I find it handier if you don’t have to keep going onto the internet for it, but do it locally from your computer.

March 8, 2008

The last couple of days – not overly enjoyable

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Thursday and Friday were not the best days for me so far this year. Nothing is wrong with Agnes or the bubs, but in general things were not the best. Thursday morning started ok – you could see that summer has ended with the time I got up and the sun wasn’t up with me yet. Had a corporate breakfast in the city early, so went to that. Then it all went downhill from there.
I played helpdesk/troubleshooter all day, and ran from one thing to another back to something else for about 6 hours straight. Thankfully got them all sorted.

On the way home we get a call – Dad is in hospital and might need to stay overnight. Mum needed to go home to change her dialysis bag as it was a few hours overdue (found out later she had the one bag in for nearly 12 hours, which is a big no-no). So U-turn and head the other way over the river. Found out dad was having a routine colonoscopy after doctor’s advise earlier in the week, but something went slightly wrong and he was in a great deal of pain, and the painkillers weren’t doing a good enough job. As he couldn’t drink, they were putting a drip in to keep him hydrated and then transferring him to a bed to stay overnight.
Thankfully an aunt was with them so mum was able to go with her home to change the back. We stayed to find out the ward/room and make sure he was settled. We lasted about 45 mins, and still no dad. By this time Agnes was getting sore, so we made sure all was ok and then left.

We went to a friend’s new place just around the corner to see the place and go somewhere for dinner. Towards the end of dinner – Agnes says she is bleeding and we need to go to the hospital NOW! So back over the river to one of the other hospitals (not the one dad is in, as this one is where the bubs will be delivered). Never really had much to do with this new hospital before, and it has like three different parts! So found where I thought we had to go – no lights, no reception, empty floor. Looked at a floor plan and found the “back entrance” they had talked about. Go there – looks promising with lights, people, etc.

Final verdict – all is ok. The midwife called it a “show”, something that sometimes happens. So despite the colour of the blood, it was so small an amount that it didn’t classify as a bleed. Only for bleed do you need some “anti-D shot” – Agnes is O-, I am A+.

By this time we are both drained. Drove home and crashed to bed. Slept fair most of the night. Had to be up early this morning as the concreter is here to cement the side. So that was Thursday.

Friday morning woke up earlish to get ready for the concreter. Then had to pick up dad when he was ready to go, but there was the possibility of Agnes needing to see the obst. Traffic was hell into the hospital. Get a call from Agnes that her appointment will be some time later in the day. Drove dad back to Ipswich, drove home. Call from the obst receptionist – have to be at a South Bank obst within the hour for a check up and the Anti-D shot. Finally home about 12 and the boys were leaving from the concreting. That was a high point as it looked good – they had done an excellent job. Rest of yesterday was spent quietly recovering and resting. Watched some recorded tv and then The Day after Tomorrow.

Today almost felt like spring cleaning – we put up the shelving units, cleaned up our desks, cleaned up the small bookcase, the kitchen and the rest of the living area. Agnes of course couldn’t do as much as she would like (and she becomes very vocal about this ;p). Had  nice afternoon reading, eating and relaxing outside. Then a BBQ dinner with the parents.

So from the bad, good comes, but it can take awhile to manifest. Now lets see how next week runs.

March 5, 2008

Tribute to the master – Farewell Gary Gygax

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Like many RPG bloggers today, this post is in honour of Gary Gygax who passed away after a long illness today. I never had the honour of meeting the man, but like all who played D&D if you knew the history you knew the role Gary Gygax played. I have played for quite awhile now and also had the pleasure of reading some of novels – the Gord the Rogue series. (Damn this is harder than I thought it would be)

There have been a few losses the last year and more – David Gemmell at the end of ’06, Robert Jordan last year, plus the news that Pratchett has an illness, Brust has an eye condition and now this to top it off.

Farewell to the man who has provided me and others so much enjoyment over the years. Your contribution will be cherised and missed.

March 3, 2008

A slow beginning to the week

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It was good to come back home after Moranbah. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind being away from home for week, but there is something about coming home and being able to relax in your own home, with your own things and you know what you can do when you want to. Agnes and I had a nice weekend – Saturday was with other people. First there was yum cha in Ipswich for Mel’s belated birthday, then that night there was an engagement party also at Ipswich. We left early from that as the chairs were too uncomfortable for Agnes.

Yesterday was baby shopping day, and boy did we spend up big at Ikea! Two cots, two mattresses, one change table, curtains as well as shelving units, stationery boxes and the like. The reason we went to Ikea is that Agnes had seen some cots she was interested in and they were back in stock and a change table also that she was interested in. We also wanted to find something to get rid of the shitpile that is paperwork around our desks. We found everything we were looking for – except we went for a different change table. The one that Agnes had looked at online wasn’t as impressive in real life – smaller than we were expecting. Thankfully there was another change table that had a cupboard underneath and was a lot larger on top. The cots were purchased specifically so that when the bubs are older they can use them as a small bed until old enough to migrate to a single bed. And the thing I loved is that it all fitted into the new car no problems at all! No need to call dad and ask to use the ute.

Also yesterday morning was spent mowing the lawns to get them back into a reasonable state. We should have the concreter out later in the week to cement the side, so that we can put the pool fencing back. Then this weekend will be spent pruning the garden and mango tree, something I have never really done before. So dad to the rescue with that. The thing with dad is though when it comes to pruning – take it all the way back and let it grow out again. Main things needing pruning are the lower branches of the mango tree as well as the jasmine on the side of the house.

A slow week at work for me this week as what I was meant to be doing was cancelled, and there was nothing really to fill it at the last minute. But tomorrow I will have a workshop to train which will be good.

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