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March 3, 2008

A slow beginning to the week

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It was good to come back home after Moranbah. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind being away from home for week, but there is something about coming home and being able to relax in your own home, with your own things and you know what you can do when you want to. Agnes and I had a nice weekend – Saturday was with other people. First there was yum cha in Ipswich for Mel’s belated birthday, then that night there was an engagement party also at Ipswich. We left early from that as the chairs were too uncomfortable for Agnes.

Yesterday was baby shopping day, and boy did we spend up big at Ikea! Two cots, two mattresses, one change table, curtains as well as shelving units, stationery boxes and the like. The reason we went to Ikea is that Agnes had seen some cots she was interested in and they were back in stock and a change table also that she was interested in. We also wanted to find something to get rid of the shitpile that is paperwork around our desks. We found everything we were looking for – except we went for a different change table. The one that Agnes had looked at online wasn’t as impressive in real life – smaller than we were expecting. Thankfully there was another change table that had a cupboard underneath and was a lot larger on top. The cots were purchased specifically so that when the bubs are older they can use them as a small bed until old enough to migrate to a single bed. And the thing I loved is that it all fitted into the new car no problems at all! No need to call dad and ask to use the ute.

Also yesterday morning was spent mowing the lawns to get them back into a reasonable state. We should have the concreter out later in the week to cement the side, so that we can put the pool fencing back. Then this weekend will be spent pruning the garden and mango tree, something I have never really done before. So dad to the rescue with that. The thing with dad is though when it comes to pruning – take it all the way back and let it grow out again. Main things needing pruning are the lower branches of the mango tree as well as the jasmine on the side of the house.

A slow week at work for me this week as what I was meant to be doing was cancelled, and there was nothing really to fill it at the last minute. But tomorrow I will have a workshop to train which will be good.

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