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March 14, 2008

What would the world be like if cats didn’t purr?

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The title above (as weird as it may be) is a thought that went through my head this evening on Freaky Friday. It came after patting one of my cats and hearing the contented purr and just wondering what it would be like if cats did not purr. As to Freaky Friday, I know it is not Friday the 13th, but events this evening make it seem like Freaky Friday.

First – Agnes and I were getting ready to walk around to the local burger shop and get some dinner. Next thing I know Agnes is running dwn the corridor saying I think something is wrong with the neighbour. Race outside and the neighbour is across the road with another neighbour. Her dog had passed away during the day. Our neighbour lives alone except for this dog that she has had for a number of years. This on top of the day where she greeted her grandson who was born that day. After settling the neighbour down we decided we still needed food and walked down her driveway when the second freaky occurrence happened – a small tree on her year bent forward at a weird angle. My first reaction was that some yobbo had decided to bullrush the tree. So I walk around to the side of the tree and ask “Are you OK?” As it was dark I couldn’t see anyone, but after a few moments I saw a silver MR2 parked against the tree! So then I opened the passenger door (yes it was unlocked), looked inside and there was no-one in the car! I close the door, look around and can’t see anyone. Then I went back into the car and checked the handbrake – seemed nice and tight. By this time Agnes has come over, the neigbours across the road have come over and we are looking at this car, leaning against a tree with enough force to knock it forward, and there is no-one around.

So off we go down the street to see if anyone had parked the car. We met more neighbours in the street in this time than we had met the entire time we have been here. In the end it was someone from a house on the other side of the street! and about two houses up. He was able to reverse the car off the tree and park it somewhere else. No real damage, just a small dent and some paint damage. The tree on the other hand fared a lot worse. The neighbour will call the council in the morning to see what they want to do with it.

So that was our Friday evening – hysterical neighbours, dead dogs, and cars that move themselves and pick fights with trees that can’t fight back. In the end Agnes and I hand our dinner, but we decided to drive around the corner to ensure nothing else happened. Tomorrow we have to vote in the local elections. Will be our first time voting in Brisbane, instead of my normal Ipswich. The rest of the weekend should be relaxed – viewing a friend’s new unit she has bought, and putting the pool fence back up. Enjoy your weekend!

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