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March 23, 2008

I am a sexy, shoeless god of paint!

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There would be a handful of friends and acquaintances I know that would get the title’s reference. To most it would be: what is Duane on about? Sexy? I think only Agnes would think so. Shoeless? That is how I spent most of the weekend. God of paint? That is what I did most of the weekend. Well the first two days at least. Yes Agnes and I spent our Easter long weekend painting – the nursery, laundry, toilet and bathroom. We only have a touch up job of the bathroom left and it is all done!

Been a bit of a slow week. Didn’t really know what to contribute to the blog so I left it. I have a couple of posts in draft at the moment that need some work to them. Will hopefully get them up next week. Why not this week? Well first I am in Emerald for a day training, and then when I get back, Agnes and I will be flitting off to Sydney for another long weekend, just the two of us. So not much time to finish off the posts just yet. Most of my week was spent coaching at work. No workshops as again what I was meant to be doing was cancelled at the last moment. At home I spent most of my time reading – been rereading Tamora Pierce’s work. Definitely love Pierce’s books and I was able to finish all three series of the Circle books. Apart from that just relaxing to use up my energy this weekend painting.

A surprise was seeing some friends who were up from Melbourne. They needed to accumulate some kms on the salary-sacrificied car, so they drove up and will be driving back late tomorrow. as good to see Sam, Cam, Connor and their newest addition Hannah. Caught up, had a nice time and then we went back and painted the bathroom with its topcoat of paint. Rest of Sunday was spent catching up on recorded episodes of Robin Hood and Supernatural. Not as many episodes of Supernatural as I would have liked as the week just been was considered non-ratings period, so they replaced it with something else.

There is still tomorrow left for the long weekend and I want to finish the housework, and do some writing. Have another book to read as well. Will be a bit of a slog – Excel VBA Programming. Something I have always wanted to learn, just never really had the time. Of course I should try and inish Covey’s Seven Habits of Effective People, as it is meant to be such a wonderful book, but I just cant seem to get into it. But if I take it with me to Emerald I will have 3 solid hours on the plane to read it. I have read some of it – I think I am partway through Habit 2.


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  1. Hey!!! How are yoU?
    WOW!! The second season of Supernatural has finally hit Aussie TV!? I have seen up until the second last episode of the series (doh!) So when I return, I will be coming over to your home library and perhaps nicking the last few episodes BA HAA!!! I love that show!!!

    Comment by Monique — March 29, 2008 @ 6:47 pm

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