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April 13, 2008

Lack of activity

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Its been about two weeks since I updated this blog, and I had the intention to post as often as I could, hopefully each day. As the weeks have gone by I have posted I have posted less frequently due to a number of factors:

  • tiredness
  • busyness with work
  • busyness around the house
  • dealing with life

So here is a bit of an update.

As posted previously Agnes and I went to Sydney for a long weekend just before my birthday. We then seemed to slip back into old habits and do our normal habits shortly after getting back home. Last week I was in Moranbah for two days of training, and I arrived back on Thursday. I also brought home with me a head cold. Started out as a sore throat, but flying back into Brisbane I experienced the worse pain in my ears I have ever felt – I thought I would have blood coming out of them at one point. Thankfully the pain diminished and now all I have is the remnants of the cold. Would be good to get rid of it as I have three workshops this week.

The other significant events in the last few weeks is that we have proper flooring in the nursery, inserts in the wardrobe, washing of all the baby clothes we have so far, big clean up inside the house last weekend, big clean up outside this weekend, and helping a friend move the last things into her own place. Yes Tishan has finally flown the coop and now lives in a unit not far from her parents but close to all major amenities. I am extremely happy for her as she has needed to spread her wings for awhile and I think this is the boost she needed. Plus where she has moved to, Agnes and I know some of the residents, so we made sure Tishan was introduced so if she needed anything, she had help close at hand.

How could I forget the other major things that have happened in the weekend just been? *smacks forehead* Agnes and I went to see Les Miserables (hope I spelt that right) up at Caloundra on Saturday afternoon. Reason? An old colleague of mine, Andy Hanrahan, played the lead of Jean Valjean. We went with another old colleague of mine, Karen and her husband Steven. I enjoyed it, and yes I’ll admit I teared up at a few different parts of the show, mainly towards the end of the production. It was good to catch up briefly after the show as well – the old training gang together once more!
We parked our car on Nutley St! While not overly exciting, it was interesting to see that another Nutley St existing in Queensland. We already knew of one in Atherton, but here was a new one that I was unsure if teh rest of the family knew about. The other news is not so good – on the way up the coast we had just got onto the Bruce Highway and we got a stone chip – a decent sized one with a fair bit of a star. Extremely annoyed about that as I havent had windscreen problems since I drove up to Townsville 11 years ago. But getting that fixed this week, so not too bad, just have to see much it will cost – the fill or a replacement screen.

It looks like when WordPress was upgraded recently it deleted three drafts I had saved on different articles I was going to write. Now back to the drawing board with them both. Thankfully neither was far along, no screenshots were lost (Now while I think about, yes one was more along than the others and I will have to redo a fair bit of work with that.

Looking ahead Agnes and I have a busy few weeks coming up. This Friday will be our first ante-natal class. Followed on Saturday by the multiple ant-natal class. Saturday also sees the car getting serviced, a 1 year birthday, and Agnes’ boss birthday as well. Then next Monday I am off to Sydney with work for a two day Facilitator’s Conference with all the trainers in the organisation in Australasia, plus a big-wig from the States to showcase it. And we are of course flying down to Sydney first thing Monday morning before 6am, which means I need to get up extremely early to get to the airport in time. And I dont even get the option of luxury of Business Class as the boss made it a group booking and you can’t upgrade individual seatings with a group booking!

So that’s it from me at the moment, as time allows I will be doing a few techie posts. Just need to find the time amongst everything else that needs to be done, plus the need for downtime to relax and recuperate.


  1. Yes we have been busy, however hun, you do take it on yourself to do the lionshare of anything we do. We have months yet before the bubbas are due (2.5 to be exact)and its ok to take more time to do things 🙂

    Luf joe,

    Comment by Agnes (the wifey) — April 14, 2008 @ 6:16 am

  2. Hi Duane
    You sound a bit stressed, try to relax, take some time and maybe create a cool half-orc shaman 😉

    Or watch this funny vid about powerpoint, that should cheer you up!


    Comment by Niels — April 28, 2008 @ 7:15 am

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