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May 3, 2008

I’m back!

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Like the title says – I’m back! Did you miss me? ;p Boy did that cold knock me around. I was lethargic and not feeling like doing anything for more than a week even after I was over the cold. I am still not 100% as my left ear will not unblock no matter what I try. But I feel better than I was and that is the main thing.

Work was busy for the month of April and will be even worse for May. Bar the first week of May (next week) I will be away most days for the rest of the month. Hopefully Agnes won’t pop early. Speaking of Agnes you may not have heard the news yet – she has gestational diabetes. 😦 She had the test last Saturday, didn’t feel the best after it, saw the obst on Tuesday, he said the test was poor go for the full test, and Agnes failed that as well. However we were informed that with twins and two placentas the chance of getting diabetes is increased. And she just lucked out getting it. So what does this mean for her? Glucose monitoring and diet to make sure she doesn’t need the insulin, and if she does require it, have the insulin on hand. The other bad news about this situation is that it increases Agnes’ chances of Type 2 diabetes later in life.

What have I been up to since I last posted? Doing odd things around the house; went down to Sydney for a 2 day conference for work; went to Moranbah again (and I will there again in a fortnight’s time!) for work; and did some reading. Thankfully when flying for work my ears didn’t give me any problems, but then again I did use earplugs to help. Last flight I didn’t really feel like I needed them, so hopefully it will continue to improve.

With the long weekend we won’t be doing much – even though exercise is good for Agnes, she is limited in her mobility, thus we don’t get away much. Just keeping the house clean and getting more things for the bubs, and of course the all important relaxing!

That is it from me at the moment, post as soon as I can in the future.

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