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May 7, 2008

At home sick :(

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Well this will be an unpleasant post – currently I am at home sick. Had vomiting yesterday and diarrhea today, so not very pleasant at all. The doctors think it was a case of food poisoning but I really don’t know what I have eaten that will have caused this problem. Hopefully it will finish today and all will be well tomorrow. At least it happened the week I am at home, not when I am away for work.

This has brought me to the follow conclusion –
I am a sick puppy!

I have had a cold, ear problems and now everything that has hit me in the last few days. I never used to get sick and now I seem to be getting sick all the time. I think it is time to see a doc and get a full physical and see what they say.

But on the positive side this gives me some time at home today to possibly finish up some technical posts. Shall have to see what I feel like.

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