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May 12, 2008

A Sunday with a difference

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And no, not because it was Mother’s Day. Sunday morning dawned dark and early for Agnes & I – at 4:45. So instead of doing the usual of sitting around the house and then maybe going back to sleep, we did the unusual – Agnes came up with the idea of going down the coast to see the sun rise. So 15 minutes later saw us on the road down to the coast.

We had a wonderful morning walking on the beach. We didn’t make it in time to see the sun come up, but it didn’t matter as the clouds were in the way (typical, the one day with clouds is the day we want to see the sun rise). Took some photos (some pics can be seen on Agnes’ blog with her post of the day), and just relaxed. We left about 7am and looked for somewhere for breakfast. The smell of bacon from the beach had us assuming that the local surf club did breakfast, but that was a false start. Drove down the main drag for a bit and found a corner cafe open that did breakfast and I had something for breakfast I cannot remember having for breakfast ever – pancakes! Pancakes with banana, ice-cream and honeycomb butter. It was divine!

We left the coast and made our way inland to Mt Tamberine. Originally our intention was to drive thru Tamborine to Beaudesert and Boonah and finish up in Ipswich, where we would be having lunch with my parents for Mother’s Day. But then we remembered that mum’s present was sitting at home, so we would have to go home and then go out to Ippy. Didn’t go for any walks at Tamborine as Agnes did enough on the beach and we didn’t want to overtire her as we were having such a wonderful day.

So that was our morning – down the coast on the beach. I had a great time as we haven’t done something like that in ages. It was nice just to get away and not have to worry about doing housework, or chores or anything like that. A nice breakfast is always a great way to start the day as well. For lunch I had made reservations for yum cha at Ipswich. I did a birthday lunch there last year and it was mum’s first time to yum cha and she had a great time. So thought that would be a good way to do Mother’s Day, instead of the usual. The place was packed! Agnes and I have never seen it that busy before. We got there before most people turned up so we received our food in plenty of time and at a nice rate. So again another nice meal to complement the day.

We finished the day watching some episodes of Heroes Season One. Haven’t seen them for awhile and we purchased the boxed set at the beginning of the year, so decided to start going through them. Its a way to remember some of the detail of the early happenings as you haven’t seen them for so long.

So in all a very pleasant day. No need to think about chores or have tos, it was a day for us to relax and be with each other.

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