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June 9, 2008

The last long weekend before Christmas

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We had a nice long weekend, the last one before Christmas. While I will be having a month off soon, it is always nice to have time off. Saturday was spent at a gamestore attending the D&D Gameday and playing a 4e module; Sunday and Monday were spent helping dad do odd jobs around the house. A more detailed look below.

We had arranged with a few mates to go the Gameday at Ace Comics in Annerley to trial the new version of D&D. So rocked up a little after 9, purchased the 4e PHB (at this point that is the only one we want to see if we want to play the new version or stick with the old), and started a game virtually immediately as there was 1 DM and 5 players. Our DM, Mark, was our DM at the last Gameday so that was fun. I played Evon the human cleric, Agnes played Althaea the eladrin wizard and Pete played the human fighter. Jay arrived a touch late so played in another group once there were enough players there.

We ended up staying longer than I thought originally. We finished the “Into the Shadowhaunt” module, had some lunch, did the Classic D&D trivia, and then faced off against a white dragon with the same 1st level characters as the module. We made a number of mistakes with the new edition. I would have expected WotC to have provided fast play rules to get players up to speed. I was the only one who purchased a PHB apart from Mark the DM. No-one else had one and we hadn’t had time to read it. Plus it was borrowed for a number of hours by a group of guys to make up 1st level characters as they were late to start a group.

While we had fun it was a hard slog as it seemed our dice were against us when it mattered. We were not able to work out how to save the boys from the circle so just grabbed them and ran, which activated the statues. We ended up collapsing the cavern, losing the rogue in the process.
Saturday night we started Charmed series one. Agnes and I had never seen series one; we started watching fromabout season two or so. So we are slowly making our way through the episodes. Thoughts so far: acting definitely improves with time, cinematography is definitely late 90s, the sisters seem to be obsessed wih sex and having a partner.

Sunday was spent going to Bunnings to purchase material to make a bathing station at the laundry sink, shelves above the bathing station and trying to fix a number of things around the house. Mum and dad came over to help as I am not much of a handyman (as a number of people will attest to :)). Mum wasn’t feeling too well so they left shortly after lunch. We also put together the babies’ playpen. Agnes didn’t like the look of any of the playpens here in Oz, so she asked her mum to find a dutch one as they are quite different. The main difference with this one is that the bottom is height adjustable so that when the bubs are young, you don’t have to bend down so far.

We finally put it together and have wheels on the bottom as well. This playpen was a drama and a half from when Agnes asked her mum to look for one.
[Backstory] When the playpen was originally couriered here, the box of screws and struts was missing. When Agnes called the manufacturer and explained the problem they were wonderful and arranged for the missing parts to be shipped. Unfortunately a temp filled the order and stuffed it up. It eventually was delivered back to the company and left on a shelf. Agnes called after we hadn’t heard anything and they shipped it immediately. Well … they think they did, all we received was a box with one strut. So Agnes got her mum to pick the bits up and ship it here. So finally we got it all together. [/Backstory]
Then when Dad and I were putting the playpen together some parts didn’t fit well and we had to be forceful with the side that didn’t fit properly. At least it is all together now and sitting beside Agnes’ desk, waiting for babies to fill it up now.

Monday was spent installing the bench, fixing the gates and getting ready for other jobs around the house. We have identified that we still have to put up the shelves in the laundry; get a new gate and doorknobs for the front; put in the catflap between the laundry and the garage; and put up clotheslines under the back patio area. The only thing we don’t have anything for as of yet is the new gate and doorknob. Everything else I purchased today if we didn’t already have it.

Agnes spent the last two days getting the birth announcement envelopes and labels ready and generally chilling.

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