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July 21, 2008

My first solo 2am bottle feed

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Its nearly 3am here at the moment and I have survived my first 2am bottle feed on my own! How great do I feel? Now I just need to get the girls to sleep and all will be good. Caitlin and Emma are settled in their bouncies, and I have some lullaby music in the background to try and get them to sleep. I think I will have a battle on my hands there though as they seem quite awake. Unlike last night where after their 2am feed they went straight back to sleep.


July 16, 2008

They’re so tiny (teeny)!

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The title of this post is the most common phrase we hear from strangers when we go out and about away from the house. We were warned that as we would have twins in the pram, people would stop and want to see them and that has happened, but not as often as we expected. The funny thing is when you are on escalators – people going the other way look in all the time. Usually people come over and look when we have stopped, but once or twice Agnes has been stopped while walking, trying to get somewhere.

On the weekend we purchased some baby harnesses to carry the girls, instead of using the pram. We purchased the highly expensive, top of the range Baby Bjorn range and they look like “storm trooper outfits”. We purchased these as they are mesh, thus breathable and they have support for bubs and carrier.


July 5, 2008

The new family at home

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What a dreary day it is today! Wet, damp, cold and overcast. Unlike the joy I feel when I think about having our daughters home. I sometimes wonder how Stone Age man coped with having newborns, especially newborn twins. It has been nearly two weeks since they were born, and they have spent nearly a week home. Monday night everyone came home after getting the all clear from the paediatrician. This time last weekend, Agnes and I were at the Children’s hospital learning how to feed the girls. And I have just realised that I am starting at the end and going back to the start. Let’s rewind and start this again.

Two Mondays ago Caitlin and Emma were born. They were in the Special Care Unit til Friday. Agnes was also in the hospital til Friday, but as the girls were still not feeding properly, Agnes and the girls were moved to the Children’s hospital and would be there until everyone had learnt how to breastfeed. That first week I spent most of my days in the hospital and going home at night to sleep in a proper bed (they only have day beds for partners in the Mother’s hospital). While at the hospital I would ferry Agnes down to the Special Care Unit as she was still weak and needed to use a wheelchair to get around, and run visitors to Agnes or down to Caitlin and Emma. Friday night was my last night at home alone.


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