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July 16, 2008

They’re so tiny (teeny)!

Filed under: Fatherhood — Duane @ 3:14 pm

The title of this post is the most common phrase we hear from strangers when we go out and about away from the house. We were warned that as we would have twins in the pram, people would stop and want to see them and that has happened, but not as often as we expected. The funny thing is when you are on escalators – people going the other way look in all the time. Usually people come over and look when we have stopped, but once or twice Agnes has been stopped while walking, trying to get somewhere.

On the weekend we purchased some baby harnesses to carry the girls, instead of using the pram. We purchased the highly expensive, top of the range Baby Bjorn range and they look like “storm trooper outfits”. We purchased these as they are mesh, thus breathable and they have support for bubs and carrier.



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