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July 16, 2008

They’re so tiny (teeny)!

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The title of this post is the most common phrase we hear from strangers when we go out and about away from the house. We were warned that as we would have twins in the pram, people would stop and want to see them and that has happened, but not as often as we expected. The funny thing is when you are on escalators – people going the other way look in all the time. Usually people come over and look when we have stopped, but once or twice Agnes has been stopped while walking, trying to get somewhere.

On the weekend we purchased some baby harnesses to carry the girls, instead of using the pram. We purchased the highly expensive, top of the range Baby Bjorn range and they look like “storm trooper outfits”. We purchased these as they are mesh, thus breathable and they have support for bubs and carrier.

The week has been ok, some days have been good, some days not so good. At the moment Emma is suffering from a cold, and it looks like Caitlin is possibly coming down with one as well. They more than likely got the cold on Saturday when we went to a Multiple Birth Association do at one of the parks. It was good to see so many older twins and know that if other people have survived, so will we. Caitlin and Emma were the youngest twins there, but there was also a 5 week old and 10 week old set, so we spent some time talking to their parents. We left a little early so that an uncle and my Nana could come over and see the girls. My Nana is a great-grandmother 22 times over, with another one on the way.

Last Thursday we had some professional (if you can call PixiFotos professional) photos taken of the girls and as a family. The sitting went for about 30 mins and a number of nice shots were taken. We went back Friday and spent some money to get some nice photos, plus some free ones as well. We plan on going back at 6 months, 12 months and possible 2 years to show a progression of Caitlin and Emma and to have some really nice pics as well.

The end of the weekend and the beginning of this week was not overly nice. The girls had trouble settling and there were times when both would be going off and nothing was helping to settle them down. So we have spent this week so far at home to try and get them back into a routine. We are going out soon as Emma needs a new set of ultrasounds and then to visit the doctor to see about her harness. At times the girls have been so difficult to settle that I have just wanted to get out and away from them for awhile to settle my own mind once more. Yesterday I was meant to do a half-day training that in the end didn’t go ahead and I am of two minds about it. On the one hand I am glad that it didn’t go ahead as I was here to help Agnes when it was needed. On the other hand I am disappointed as I would have got away for a bit and I think this would have helped settle me for awhile. Plus as it was only a half-day, it would have been good practice for Agnes to see how she would handle the girls on her own.

Good news for the girls is that they are now over their birth weight and putting on weight well. Both gained over 200g in the week, when 20g/day is seen as good. Caitlin has grown a couple of centimetres and is now nearly in 0000, whereas for Emma it is unknown how much she has grown due to the harness she is wearing. Emma’s hips are doing well, and the under-performing hip is now in the good side of the scale, but it is better to be safe than sorry, so she will be in the harness for another 3 weeks to make sure all is well. Then until she is 15 she will need scans every few years to see how they are going.

Agnes is doing a lot better now that the girls are outside her body. She has even lost weight, which is what we expected anyway with the amount of weight put on during the pregnancy. The people who know us who see Agnes now all comment on how well she is looking. Plus with the C-section Agnes is nowhere near as bad as other women seem to be after their C-sections This may be because the Obst parted some of the muscles instead of cutting through them. Agnes has been able to bend over and pick things up without any real discomfort. She has only mentioned the skin being sensitive to touch.

Lastly Agnes’ biological father Timo arrives tonight to stay for 6 weeks. Timo has been in Australia two times before, but this will be his first time to see his granddaughters. Agnes’ parents will be coming out at Christmas to spend about 4 to 5 weeks. It will be interesting to see how long Timo stays at our places with restless newborns around. He has already stated that he wants to go skiing, and we have recommended NZ, as he has already been to the Blue Mountains and found them fair. Timo does a lot of skiing in Europe and I think it is time he went to Kiwiland and see how he fares there. Plus as some people will know, I am a private person and don’t mind having guests stay a few days. But after a few weeks, I start getting a bit antsy and need some time to myself, without others around, to regain my sanity. Friends of ours have mentioned that they don’t mind if Timo boards with them for awhile, as they would be returning the favour when they stayed at Timo’s when we were all in Holland in August 2006.


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