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July 21, 2008

My first solo 2am bottle feed

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Its nearly 3am here at the moment and I have survived my first 2am bottle feed on my own! How great do I feel? Now I just need to get the girls to sleep and all will be good. Caitlin and Emma are settled in their bouncies, and I have some lullaby music in the background to try and get them to sleep. I think I will have a battle on my hands there though as they seem quite awake. Unlike last night where after their 2am feed they went straight back to sleep.

The logistics of bottle feeding twins on your own can be difficult or easy depending upon the state of the twins. I woke up as Emma was crying – she needed a change of nappy, but also wanted a feed. Caitlin was still asleep at this time. So changed Emma, started her on her bottle and all was cool. Then Caitlin woke up demanding attention as well. Let her cry for a bit, then popped Emma in her bouncy and collected Caitlin. Changed Caitlin’s nappy and heated up her bottle. Started feeding Caitlin her bottle. About halfway through Emma became fussy so stopped Caitlin’s feed, restarted Emma’s and then burped Emma when she had finished. Then finished Caitlin’s feed and made sure she burped as well.

Both are currently swaddled in their bouncies. Emma is content to look around, whereas Caitlin wants a dummy to suck on while looking around.,
UPDATE – both are nearly asleep, though Caitlin is struggling a bit. Shall give them 10 more minutes and then put them into their cot if they are fast asleep.
ANOTHER UPDATE – Agnes just woke up wondering where I was.

Saturday was a nice day where the family plus Timo went to Alma Park Zoo for the Wesley Monash IVF Group’s 20th anniversary. Was a nice day to look around the park for a bit and catch up with the festivities. We also wanted Agnes’ gynocologist to meet the girls and that was able to be briefly done. The big news however was that we ended up being on Channel Nine news! All the news stations were there to cover the event. During the prize giveaways (in which Agnes won a block and rattle set) I was snapped by a camera giving a bottle to Caitlin. Then the camera guy came over for some more shots and discovered that we actually had newborn twins. The newsreporter then asked if we minded doing a brief interview? Fire away we said. Not all of the interview ended up in the news brief, but we were at the start of it. AND Emma was on the photo when the news presenter was introducing the segment. I am waiting til tomorrow to see if it ends up as a clip in their video archive and if so, shall link to it.

Later that evening we went to a friend’s birthday bash. We took the girls initially with us to show them off, then we took them to my parents and left them there for a few hours. Big event – leaving the girls with their grandparents for the first time! But after the interruptions of the day, both Caitlin and Emma did well during the night and slept for the most of it.

This should be my last week of holidays, but unfortunately work will having me working for three days – one of which will be down in Melbourne. A little bit annoyed about this, but it will also give Agnes a chance to see how she will go without me around the house. Plus Timo will still be here to help out if Agnes requires it.

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  1. my Mum told me she saw you guys on the news!

    Comment by Ali — July 21, 2008 @ 3:40 pm

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