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August 27, 2008

I took the plunge and quit my job

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Currently I am in Emerald and have limited internet access, so this post is coming a bit late. On Monday I gave my bosses 4 weeks notice. I thought I would be with this company for quite awhile as I like the work I do. Life circumstances change for us all though, and with new children and caring for them, my priorities have changed and I do not want to do as much travel. Thankfully the new role has no travel at all, pays roughly one third more than I currently receive, has a higher superannuation component and has no travel.

So what will I be doing? Training still, but this role will also have updating e-learning, manuals and quick references guides of the subject matter taught.

Gotta go, shall write another post when time allows – class is about to start as attendees are rocking on up!

August 13, 2008

Dichotomies of nappies

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An observation both Agnes and I have witnessed this week is in relation to the girls’ nappies – when they have done a small number two or have a wet nappy, they scream bloody murder; yet when they completely fill their nappy with a number two, they sit there content as can be happy and smiling. Go figure!

Duane’s tip of the week – when the twins are in a routine, do not buck the routine! We learnt this lesson early on when Caitlin and Emma would be quite annoyed with us for being out and about and not being able to feed them when they wanted. We have learnt from that situation and take a feeding pillow and bottles of formula with us when going out.


August 8, 2008

Six week update

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This was originally going to be a simple post about how things are going, but week 6 has been  interesting. So read more for full details.

Well so far so good, we are still here and the girls are as well. The week is nearly over and already a lot of happened. Emma is finally harness/brace free and is wiggling around like a baby possessed – she is virtually a different baby after the removal of her harness; Caitlin had a cold/fever that my mum has and it has turned her into a docile baby, Agnes has what my mum has cold/flu wise and we had to have a couple of nannies in during the week to help out. Then there was my lack of sleep and needing to find a way to get to sleep while overtired.


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