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August 8, 2008

Six week update

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This was originally going to be a simple post about how things are going, but week 6 has been  interesting. So read more for full details.

Well so far so good, we are still here and the girls are as well. The week is nearly over and already a lot of happened. Emma is finally harness/brace free and is wiggling around like a baby possessed – she is virtually a different baby after the removal of her harness; Caitlin had a cold/fever that my mum has and it has turned her into a docile baby, Agnes has what my mum has cold/flu wise and we had to have a couple of nannies in during the week to help out. Then there was my lack of sleep and needing to find a way to get to sleep while overtired.

The girls weight-wise are going well. Two weeks ago Caitlin put on 0.5 kgs in one week. Caitlin is just under 4kgs at the moment, while Emma is about 3.5 kg. Emma is not as tall as Caitlin, despite being taller when born, but she still doesnt move her legs correctly as her hips do not still have full movement.

Duane’s tip of the week for parents of twins – sleep when the babies sleep. Doesn’t sound all that earth-shattering, but it is so important if you want to maintain your sanity.

I would definitely recommend a nanny/babysitting service if you need a hand with twins. With Agnes out with the wog and I needed to be at work, another set of hands was required to help with the girls. The nanny on the first day was wonderful, the one on the second day not as good. So seems a bit hit and miss with whom you get. We are looking at maybe using a nanny one day a fortnight or so in the future so that Agnes has some time to herself as required.

We purchased the video camera a few weeks ago to record happenings and keep memories better than just still shots. The problem with Youtube is that it pixelates the image and makes it grainer, but it is an easy option to use for the interim. The next geeky thing to get is a proper back up solution for here at home so that we have an external HDD with backup so we can keep the memories safe.

The below links are ones you want to bookmark/favourite if you wish to have uptodate pics or vids of the girls.

Current Flickr album with photos of Caitlin and Emma – 

Videos of Emma and Caitlin – 

Started back at work and I have been eased into it gradually. The main problem I have been having with it is not work related – it is the getting to and from work via public transport. People say public transport is good for the environment, but it is a damn pain if it is unreliable and costly. It takes roughly one hour to make the trip via bus, train and ferry. One day it took nearly two hours as one link in the chain was late and took longer than normal. Then you arrive late and the rest of the day falls over from that.

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