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August 13, 2008

Dichotomies of nappies

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An observation both Agnes and I have witnessed this week is in relation to the girls’ nappies – when they have done a small number two or have a wet nappy, they scream bloody murder; yet when they completely fill their nappy with a number two, they sit there content as can be happy and smiling. Go figure!

Duane’s tip of the week – when the twins are in a routine, do not buck the routine! We learnt this lesson early on when Caitlin and Emma would be quite annoyed with us for being out and about and not being able to feed them when they wanted. We have learnt from that situation and take a feeding pillow and bottles of formula with us when going out.

Saturday was a big day for us. Agnes wanted to get out of the house as she had been cooped up sick at home most of the week, plus she wanted to feel normal again. So we went to Indooroopilly to window shop and hopefully find Agnes a new jacket. We had lunch there, the girls had lunch and all was good. Then we went to the hospital to visit my mum as she had been admitted the day before with a mild touch of pneumonia. Lastly we went to Ferny Grove to visit a friend who would be going back home to Scotland on Sunday. The girls were perfect angels all day and Agnes was able to breastfeed when required with the feeding pillow.

Sunday we ate out – breakfast was at a local cafe/restaurant we had wanted to try for awhile, then Timo took us out for dinner.  Again both Caitlin and Emma were wonderful, especially at dinner. Normally between 5 and 6 is their unsettled time. They slept the entire time at the restaurant.

It looks like the girls are learning to sleep longer at night. A number of times now they have slept from the end of their 7:30pm feed to about midnight. Then they have a feed and sleep for a couple more hours. However they are still usually up around 4:30-5am as they are unsettled about something. Quickly settle and they fall back to sleep for another hour or so then feed around 6 in the morning.

Is there anything else going on in life at the moment? Ask parents of any newborn and they will probably say it is all about the bub/s. Work for me is still going fine; one step forward and then one step back while trying to work through bureacracy. The last two weeks of August will be flat strapped for me with back to back training sessions.

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