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September 2, 2008

First Spring update

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Well it’s that time of year again – Spring! You can definitely tell it’s spring here in Queensland as it is no longer as cold as it was four weeks ago. Not only that, we went for a walk late yesterday afternoon and a number of bushes were in bloom.

It is nearly 4:30 am and this is the first night in over a week that the girls have been a bit unsettled in their night routine. They have been sleeping from about 7:30 – 8:00 until between 2 – 3 am, feed and then sleep once more til between 5 and 6 am. This evening they woke up at 1:15 wanting a feed, and Emma woke up at 4 hungry. So I gave her the top up that she refused to take earlier and she is now contently sleeping. I changed Caitlin and thankfully she went back to sleep, virtually blissfully unaware.

I fly to Mackay today for work, and this should be my last more than one night away trips. I have a day flight up to Cairns next week, and then in my last week I have a one nighter in Emerald. Then start the new job! No more travel.  I will miss it though as it has been interesting flying around and training in different locations. My only regret is that Agnes did not come with me on one of these trips and see what I see. Originally she was meant to come up with me to Kakadu last year, but that was when we were moving into the new place, so definitely not feasible.

For those who wish to see more of the girls, Agnes uploaded more vids to Youtube. One comment so far is that I act like the typical goofy dad. So what? Agnes acts like the goofy mum at times and it is fun to watch. Over the weekend we both realised how lucky we have been with the girls since their birth. On Saturday a number of parents and their new children from the ante-natal classes we attended came over. And we learnt that we have been having a breeze compared to some of the parents! One couple have issues that their child cries and fusses in the middle of breastfeeding, another cries at the drop of a hat, and a few women have had breast and nipple complaints. Us? None of these issues thankfully. We will attempt to to catch up with the couples ever few months to see how we are all doing. Right at the end we had a group photo of all the children and it was a riot. I hope Agnes uploads some of thos pics soon as it was definitely hilarious. Just before the pics were taken, Caitlin decided she had had enough and fell asleep. As such she was put in the corner of the lounge. Emma was beside her. The rest of the children were lined up after Emma and it was quick, quick take the pics. By the end of it, the last baby had shifted to the left and was leaning next to the baby beside it, and this had a domino effect of all the babies leaning against the one to the left, while Caitlin was blissfully unaware of it.

We signed the girls up for swimming lessons, starting in October (I think). This came about while Agnes was at the new mother’s group she has been attending. While the info she has been learning is contradictory to what she thinks/feels, she is having fun meeting the new mothers and getting to know them as they all live in the area, and it is good to have contacts. One mum mentioned that the local swimming club was signing up again, and all the mothers decided that was a good idea. So Saturday morning down we trooped with the girls, and they were darling angels asleep most of the time away. Unfortuately every other parent decided to sign up their child for swimming lessons as well, and stupidly it looks like the pool only put on one person to deal with this deluge. It took over one hour to move a few meters in the line up. In the end we had to leave as they girls were late for a feed as they had been feeding at weird times. Thankfully the other mothers were able to hand in our application. Now we just have to hope a friend of ours will be available to help Agnes as it is one child per adult, and I will not be able to help out.

That’s it for now. Hope spring will be good for you as well as for us, and the girls continue to sleep during the night for extended periods and maybe even through the whole night within a few more months!

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