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September 7, 2008

Father’s Day

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Today was my first father’s day. Do I really care? To be honest no. It has always frustrated me that people see one off days in the year (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, even Christmas) as so important. To me I am a lover, a son to my parents and now a father ever day of the year. So why should one day in particular be so important? Anyway ….

My parents came over and we had a wonderful, relaxing day which included a bbq, cake, presents and just good ol’ lazing around. Emma & Caitlin behaved themselves most of the day, and spent a fair bit of time outside. Speaking of the girls, it looks like another switch has been flicked in their brains – they have started talking to us and smiling whenever they focus on us. Agnes also mentioned that they seem to recognise “the regulars” (mum, dad, my parents), but around new people they are a bit wary. But it is lots of fun to hear the girls say sounds and have us say them back and them trying to repeat the same sound. Also lots of fun is the girls deliberately trying to stick their tongues out, in imitation of us.

Yesterday Agnes and I went to Stone’s Corner to look for a dress for Agnes for an upcoming wedding. We were successful, but it was also lots of fun to entertain the girls while Agnes was looking. I would crouch down in front of the pram, smile and laugh and have the girls focus on me. Emma is more ready with her smiles, but she seems to focus on faces a lot easier than Caitlin. And then of course she would try and tell you what she was up to.

The week been was my last major week away for work. I do have a one nighter next week in Emerald. I am definitely looking forward to not having to travel and spend time away from the family. But at the same time I am a little apprehensive as to what the new job will be like. My last few weeks are a bit up in the air, as the workshops I have (bar Emerald) still havent been fully confirmed. The only definite I have is that on Tuesday I will be flying up to Cairns to finish off some training a stupid contractor was meant to do. If you say you know a Microsoft program, don’t read from the manual! Especially a program that is not intuitive like Project! Now I have to spend half a day or so with some people who have low opinions of us and I have to do my best to make them happy. Contractors!

Well shall just have to see how the week goes. Off to bed for me soon – the girls are just finishing their bottles and one is already in bed. And of course we sleep when they sleep.

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