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September 22, 2008

Last Day; First Day

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Well the title explains what this post will be about – my last day of my old employer on Friday; and my first day of work with my new employer today. One of the common questions I was asked is would I be taking any time off in between work. My answer is no, finish on Friday, start on Monday. The response to that would be shame, and my response to that was: well that is what I have done with most jobs – finish one day start the next. I should take that as a good thing as it means that people want me. To be honest I dont really need the time off as I just recently had a month off when the girls were born, and in three months will be Christmas/New Years break.

The last few weeks of my old job were quite boring to tell you the truth – I didn’t have a lot to do as I was already organised for finishing up and handing over to the new person. I met my replacement on the Monday of my last week and he had no MS Project, so I has an intensive two days to teach him the basics of the program to get him started. Mid week was spent in Emerald for my last training workshop and that all went well. Friday I went dressed casually to finish my last day. Packed up my belongings, got my files from my comp, ensured that the new guy was conversant with the laptop and what he needed to do. Old work had a morning tea in my honour, and that was nice. I had lunch with one of the colleagues that I got on extremely well with. Mid afternoon Agnes and the girls turned up and it was time to leave.

I am sad to have left as I really enjoyed doing what I was doing, but there was no way that travel could be limited for me to spend more time at home, helping Agnes looking after the girls. As it is it looks like October will be extremely busy for them and a fair bit of that is travel. Funnily enough I am going back next Monday for two days to do one final workshop as the new guy will not be fully up to speed yet to take that workshop. And of course I am too professional and ethical to stuff the workshop up, and to make sure that the new dude is aware of what is needed.

We had a nice weekend – Agnes and I went to a wedding Saturday night, while my parents babysat til we came home. It was the first time that the girls had had someone else do the bathing and night time bed routine and somehow they slept from 7:30ish Saturday night til 5am Sunday morning – the first time they slept fully through the night. Last night Emma slept the whole night through, but Caitlin woke at 2:30 for a feed. We hope this trend continues, but it also makes me wonder if I needed to quit the job I like if the will be sleeping through the night now.

This morning I went to my new job, but stopped in at my old job as I had forgotten to take the projector back on Friday. I gave the excuse that I loved them too much and needed to see them one last time. Today was mainly spent fitting faces to names of people I will need to know. I also learnt that I won’t be doing any work for the first week or so – I will be in a week-long induction! So I shall be learning who is who in the zoo and what relation they will have with the role I will be fulfilling. My role will be brand new, so kinda scary, especially as I have one set of roles while the project is running, and a different set of roles once I am on my own after the project has finished. That is one of the reasons I have such a long induction, to ensure I know the key stakeholders in each area and they are familiar with me and the role I will be taking.

No computer, desk or phone as of yet. Also it looks like I will be hotdesking between two desks as there is not enough room for me at the moment. But the work is a bit flexible in hours, I get access to a free gym, don’t have to fill out timesheets, so all is good. The level I am on has a staffed tea room! How backwards is that! A couple of ladies man the tea room and have reduced rates on different types of biscuits as well as tea and coffeee. They don’t go around the floor seeing what people want, but you can go there and the tea room is manned! I am still amazed that in this day and age this outdated concept still occurs! Enough exclamation marks for now.

Well that is it for the moment; Agnes and the girls are doing well. Emma had a bit of conjunctivitis last week, but that cleaned up well after some drops were applied. Agnes is keeping herself busy organising things around the house we want to get done, and throwing herself into mother’s group with some local mothers. At least she can see she is not alone and it starts networking for her.

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