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October 14, 2008

An update to life

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Been awhile since I have posted here, but to be honest nothing really interesting has been happening. Caitlin and Emma are 3.5 months old and doing gorgeously, its been about four weeks since I started the new job and things are progressively getting busier, and Agnes is still on maternity leave looking after the girls.

We’ve done a few events recently: been to a wedding, went to a 40th, and on the weekend we had a teddy bear’s picnic in the park. Bar the first item (the wedding) we took the girls with us. My parents stayed at our place the night of the wedding til we came home. And it has been the only night so far that the girls have slept the whole night through. At the moment Caitlin and Emma usually wake between 2 and 4 am for a feed, and then wake again between 5:30 and 7. At the 40th we let the girls sleep in a portacot and while their night-time routine was disturbed and Emma didn’t go to sleep til after 8pm, the night wasn’t too bad.

Apart from that, the girls have recently started swimming lessons. Today will be the second time and it shall be interesting to see if the novelty has worn off. Emma apparently loved the whole thing, while Caitlin liked it at the start, but grew tired towards the end and was crying a lot. They both recognise us and usually have a smile and a laugh for us when they see us. Last night was interesting in the fact that they seemed to have discovered their voice and were trying to see who could “talk” the loudest. They were not upset or anything, just crying out and seeing who could be the loudest.

On the workfront, yesterday I finally moved into my permanent desk. As one of the team was on leave, I was able to use their desk space, but now I have a permanent placement just across the hall from the rest of the team. This is actually a good thing, as I dont have to worry about where will I be sitting today. Now I have to wait for IT to get off its sorry little arse and do their jobs – remove the old desktop where I am sitting, and reimage the laptop I have been given as a hand me down, so that I can work from my own machine. I have been told however this is normal for the uni and I shouldn’t feel victimised by slow IT. So its slowly getting there and work is definitely increasing in pace and scope.

Apart from that, not much else has been happening. People really don’t come and visit as they are never sure when is a good time. Well here’s the truth – any time is a good time! Give us a call and we will say if it is not a good time. The house has been kinda overrun with baby stuff, but most of it has a place and just needs a general tidy up every now and then. The pool is back in business for when it gets warmer. Plans are afoot for the naming ceremony for Emma and Caitlin just before Christmas, when Agnes’ parents are in the country.

So just saying Hi! and keeping those who wish to know what is happening in the loop.

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