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November 17, 2008

Sick babies

Filed under: Fatherhood — Duane @ 11:42 pm

It’s nearly midnight on a cold, dreary spring night. I’m cold, and my legs won’t warm up, especially when I walk to the nursery to check on one of the girls. Since Friday both the girls have been sick with a cold and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. It looks like they have the same thing Agnes had last week and last Friday was the aches and pains; while on Saturday started the coughing, running nose and eyes. But it was a comment made by a friend’s mum that made me think about how lucky we are compared to our parents, who had to deal with sick babies.

We took the girls to the doctor on Saturday and he confirmed that they have a cold and there is not much we can do for it. We have been cleaning their gummed over eyes with boiled water on a cotton bud; and treating occasionally with saline drops; the gunk in their nose has been aspirated out with a sucker, plus we have been using some diluted nasal saline spray to help clear their nasal cavities; and treating their general aches and pains with baby panadol and neurofen every now and then.

Most of the stuff we are using was not available in our parents time, and they had to try and use steam to clear airways. They didn’t have baby panadol and the like either. Even preventative wear like the sunglasses we have for the girls when we take them for a walk was not available.

(I sit here listening to mainly Emma cough, checking on her occasionally to try and get her back to sleep before the coughing is serious enough to wake her up. Thankfully it looks like Caitlin will sleep the night through without a problem. *fingers crossed*)

We were lucky the first couple of nights in that the coughing wasn’t bad enough that they would wake – they slept the whole night through. The days on the weekend weren’t too bad either – both Emma and Caitlin were happy most of the time and had fun playing like they normally do. Whereas at the moment both girls are needy and more than one set of hands can deal with when both are awake.

Ah well, something to get used to I have been told.


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