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December 28, 2008

A day in the city, with a difference

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We wanted to do something different today and have Agnes’ parents see some of the sights while they are here. So I made the suggestion to see where I work as the campus is quite beautiful and take the ferry into the city and maybe the whole river tour. So after the mid morning feed we drove to UQ near the ferry terminal and took the ferry to the city. As did about half of Brisbane. I had no idea the citycats were so busy on the weekend. We got off near the botanical gardens and strolled through there for a bit. Agnes and I had the girls in our harnesses while on the ferry and initially through the park. Then Emma fell asleep, so Agnes put her in the pram.

Around lunch time we left the park and walked into the city itself for some lunch. I had an ulterior motive going to the city as I was hoping to pick up the third Order of the Stick comic volume. So after lunch, Agnes found a parents’ room and fed the girls. Wim and I went to the comic stores and didn’t get what we wanted. We stayed in the Myer Centre a bit longer to enjoy the aircon, and then went back to the ferry. At this point we had decided due to the time it was to take the ferry back to UQ and go home. That didn’t eventuate. The first ferry to arrive was the one that headed down the river so we decided to take that. It was a really nice decision as we had a great time, but it was also a bit stressful and we had Caitlin and Emma with us who needed a feed and sleep. We got back to UQ just before 5pm. But we had a great time on the river, seeing the sights, enjoying the view and showing off the girls.

I would definitely recommend taking the ferry along the Brisbane river, but be prepared. It takes roughly one hour to cruise the river in one direction. Take water! While bottled water is for sale, it is definitely a good idea to stock up before you go. Note food is not allowed onboard. And for a good view, be prepared to stand for awhile, either at the front, or at the back, depending on what room is available.

End of the Year

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Well … been awhile since I have had a chance to update this blog. Things have been extremely busy over the last month and a bit, both at work and at home. So thought I would take the chance to pop in, say hello (HELLO!) and give a bit of a run down of what’s happened in the last month or so. Also I have been doing some thinking about this blog and I think sometime in the new year it will change – I think I will have two blogs: one for home stuff (how the girls are, etc) and another blog with all the tech stuff. That side of the blog has been more popular with a lot of searches from people needing help with microsoft programs (esp MS Project), and while I haven’t posetd any tips/tricks for awhile, I think I will start that up again, when time permits. Also I have been giving some thought to writing a book on how to use MS Project correctly and efficiently and selling it through the blog. But that is just idle thoughts at the moment as time is severely lacking to accomplish something like that.


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