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January 2, 2009

Word 2007 Style creation

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This is a quick post to give a brief tutorial to someone new to Word 2007 and how Styles are created there. Read on for more.

This first thing to realise with the ribbon is that what you see on the ribbon in a certain section is not all of the options possible. There is a little symbol in the bottom left of a number of sections that brings up a dialog box that pre 2007 users will more than likely be familiar with. So to see the options for Styles, click on the little symbol in the bottom right of the Style section of the Home tab in the Word 2007 ribbon.


You will then see the following image:


To create a new Style, click on the AA button in the bottom left:


This will then bring up the dialog box to create a new Style:


Simple formatting options are found in the Formatting section and apply to options like Font, Font size, text alignment, etc. For more advanced formatting options, click the Format button in the bottom left corner:


Styles by default are only saved in the current document. If you wish to reuse the Style in other documents you need to choose “New documents based on this template”. I would also recommend playing with the normal text formatting and have on screen what you would like the Style to look like before you create the Style, otherwise you will need to keep modifying the new Style, which can be frustrating. Or when you create the Style you can choose the tick box “Automatically update”, which makes any formatting change in any text using the Style, update all text using that Style automatically. Then all you need to do is when you have the Style looking the way you want, Modify the Style and untick the tick box.

There is more to Styles than this, but this is the basics to help you along. Note: anything you can do with normal formatting, e.g. lines under the text, background shading, small caps, etc can all be done in the Style.

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