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February 21, 2009

It’s been awhile …

Filed under: Fatherhood, Home Stuff — Duane @ 8:21 pm

And where has the time gone? Sorry it’s been quite awhile ‘tween updates but time to blog has been extremely limited, not to say the desire to shout out. So what have we been up to? This, that and the usual.

Workwise, things are winding into normality with the bulk of the training now completed. This does not mean that things are slowing down, pace is still roughly the same. There are manuals to be updated, things to organise with the training that will now occur, systems and processes to set up, trial and update. Not to mention that I still need to learn the ins and the outs of what the whole system can do. We still have two of the contract trainers onboard and in some areas they know significantly more than I do. The good thing is though,  that with the bulk of the training now out of the way, I can attempt to go back to the gym during lunch break. Plus with the time it seems I will be arriving at work in the mornings, I might do a cardio session in the morning, thus focus on weights during lunch.


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